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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2412 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2412

“Look at her performance first. I think as long as she has a good attitude, she should be able to get started soon. After all, no one can do everything right after graduation.” Avery quickly figured out, “Let’s eat!”

“It’s over.” Elliot put down the bowl and chopsticks and glanced at the rice in her bowl, “You just ate a chopstick of rice for a few minutes.”

“Is it such an exaggeration?” Avery blushed and changed the subject, “How’s the assistant recruiting? There are a lot of high-end talents who have sent you resumes, right? You should be very good at recruiting people.”

“The HR department has already started interviewing.” Elliot replied, “I’ll wait until the HR side has passed. “

Avery: “You don’t care about this at all? You recruit people yourself, and you don’t offer snacks.”

“”It’s just assistants. Those who can meet the recruitment requirements I listed are basically not bad.” Elliot said calmly.

“Ability is one aspect. Whether you can talk or not is also very important. Look at how compatible you are with Chad!” Avery was full of praise for Chad.

Elliot: “There are very few two people who have a natural fit. When we first met, did we have the same fit now? How do you know that Chad and I have a fit from the beginning?”

Avery was stunned for a moment.

“Although we didn’t fit in well at first.” Avery decided to tease him, “the first time I saw you, I was attracted by your handsome face.”

Elliot: “…”

“Before you were in a vegetative state, I would stare at your face for a long time every day. Not only did I look with my eyes, but I also used my hands…” Avery showed a proud expression Looking at him, “Others say that love at first sight in this world is just a matter of seeing, and I think there is some truth to it. Although you have a bad temper, you are good-looking! If you are crooked, you will see that I can’t bear you.”

Elliot pursed his thin lips and said nothing. After a while, he recalled: “You are praising me for being good-looking.”

“Do you think you are ugly?” Avery retorted.

“It’s not ugly, but it’s not too handsome either.” Elliot had a clear understanding of his appearance, “It’s the appearance of a normal person with decent facial features.”

Avery almost spit out the meal she just ate.

She had seen so many men, how could Elliot be classified as handsome.

“Then what do you think of me?” Avery was afraid that Elliot would be angry with herself, so she said cheekily, “When others see me, they praise me for being beautiful.”

Elliot was afraid of her pride, so he glanced at her lightly: “It’s alright! “

“It’s just okay? How do you usually do Quarilla? You say that Layla is the most beautiful little girl in the world. You also say that Layla looks exactly like me, and that Layla is the most beautiful little girl. Now, am I not the most beautiful woman?” Avery argued with him.

Elliot: “Avery, don’t you care about your appearance?”

“Yeah! I don’t care, but I care about your opinion.” Avery put down the tableware and dragged him into the room, “The child is watching, let’s go to the room.”

Elliot glanced at the living room.

Robert stared at them with big eyes.

It was estimated that the little guy judged in his heart whether his parents were quarreling.

“Mom and dad, what are you doing? Don’t you two fight!” Robert ran to the stairs and yelled at them.

“Don’t be afraid, baby, I didn’t quarrel with your mother, we went to the room to talk about things.” Elliot explained to his son patiently, for fear of his son’s misunderstanding.

“Oh…” Robert watched his parents disappear in front of his eyes, and after standing there for a few seconds, he ran towards his sister’s room, “Sister, play with me!”

Layla was doing her homework.

The final exam was approaching, and she had a lot of homework lately.

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