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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2410 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2410

Sasha is interested: “What good news?”

“Didn’t I recommend someone to submit a resume to apply for Elliot’s assistant? That person passed the re-examination.” Norah was full of confidence, “I know Elliot’s preferences too well. Now everything is under my control.”

Sasha: “Norah, you are being watched by Elliot’s people now. Can’t do anything?”

“It’s really inconvenient to move, but I don’t need to come forward for many things. If the person I’m looking for can successfully become Elliot’s assistant, then Elliot’s every move will be under our control. If the woman you mentioned with the scar on her hand goes to Elliot, we will know right away.” Norah said confidently.

“Yeah. Norah, you still have two brushes. You should pay attention to your own safety.” Sasha said here, doubting, “Are we safe to talk now?”

Norah: “Haha! My mobile number is not from Aryadelle. Besides, they don’t need to monitor us. The things you did back then were all instructed by me, and they won’t trouble you. Elliot has already punished me for that, and now as long as I don’t act rashly, he won’t do anything to me.”

“You put it lightly. Since Elliot sent someone to follow you, he must have his intentions. Maybe he wants to find me through you. It’s entirely possible. If I knew where his daughter is, it would be easy to say. The key is that I don’t f*cking know where his daughter is. What if he finds me and forces me to find his daughter to atone for his sin?” Sasha thought of this, and panicked.

“Sasha, don’t panic. Even if they see you now, they won’t necessarily recognize you. Besides, until the clues come out, you hide well, they can’t find you.” Norah comforted her, “Look at me, don’t you still eat and drink now? You won’t be worse than me at worst, don’t worry!”

“Is the person you’re looking for reliable? Don’t sell you out.” Sasha reminded.

Norah: “What did he betray me? I pushed him to be Elliot’s assistant, and didn’t let him assassinate Elliot. If he told Elliot that I packed him in, Elliot might dismiss him immediately. He didn’t dare to backstab me at all. “

“Yes. Then we will keep in touch.” Sasha once again established a trace of trust in Norah.

Norah: “Sasha, you didn’t tell me when you moved. Did you feel so scared that you didn’t want to associate with me after I sent you a message that I was being targeted?”

Sasha: “It’s a human being to seek benefits and avoid harm. If I were targeted by Elliot, you would stay far away from me.”

Norah chuckled softly: “We are the same kind.”

Tate Industries.

Jesse Caldwell sent his plan to Avery’s mailbox.

Afraid that Avery wouldn’t remember to read it, Jesse knocked on Avery’s office door after sending the email.

Jesse: “Ms. Tate, I sent the plan to your email. Remember to read it!”

“Okay, I will read it at night if I’m not busy. If I don’t read it at night, I will read it tomorrow.” After Avery received the email just now, she thought she sent a message to Jesse, but Elliot’s message came at that time.

After the two of them started work, Elliot would send her messages every day in his spare time.

Avery would be asked what she would like to eat every day before dinner. Outside of meal time, Elliot would ask her what she was doing, if she was busy, she would say she was busy, and if she was busy, he would ask her what she was busy with.

In short, as soon as he was free, his message would be sent.

They were never that close when they were in love.

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