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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2409 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2409

Gloria: “Miss Tate asked me, I said I have no requirements. Just give it according to the minimum standard for this position.”

HR manager: “Our basic salary for this position is $20,000 to $30,000 , so I’ll give you $20,000 first. If it can be turned into a regular in the later stage, the salary can be adjusted. We are here to adjust the salary once every six months, which is determined according to work performance.”

“Thank you! This salary is already very high, I am very satisfied, I will definitely work hard.” Gloria’s mood was a little complicated.

There was some joy. Because the interview went so well.

Avery didn’t dislike her lack of work experience, she was very surprised.

In addition to joy, Gloria began to worry about whether she was qualified for the job, and whether she could find out the truth of the Jobin family annihilation case from Avery.

In the afternoon, Norah came out of the unit building carrying the garbage.

She planned to drop by the barber shop outside the community to have her hair cut.

After coming out of the community, within two minutes, she felt that someone was following her behind her.

It’s daytime. Although the weather was a bit cloudy today, there were cars coming and going around, and passersby pass by from time to time, so she was not particularly afraid.

She walked to an alley ahead, turned immediately, and turned in.

The man who followed her came to the alley after a while.

“Who are you? Why are you following me?” Norah said sharply.

The man was wearing a mask, but he could still see a bit of confusion in his eyes.

It was estimated that Norah would block him.

“Are you from Elliot?” Norah guessed, “I don’t think I did anything wrong?”

“Miss Jones, you are a smart girl, so I don’t speak secretly. You offended Mr. Foster before, and Mr. Foster sent someone to stare at you.” The man said confidently.

“Oh…it really is him.” Norah was suddenly relieved, “I’m going to cut and wash my hair, do you want to come with me? I invite you.”

“No. You do your business, leave me alone…” The man followed her and walked towards the barber shop.

Norah: “You told Elliot that I went back to Aryadelle because my parents were in Aryadelle. I have nothing left, and I will never kill him again.”

“What are your plans next?” the man asked.

“I’m not very well, the doctor asked me to rest for a while. I’ll see what I plan to do next year!” Norah said with a desireless tone, “Your job now is to stare at me? How cold is the weather now? Ah, I basically stay at home all day long. Why don’t you come to my house! There will be someone to talk to. Otherwise, I will be bored at home alone, and it will be boring.”

Man: “…”

About Half an hour later, Sasha received a message from Norah.

——Sasha, I was stared at by Elliot’s people, and we won’t meet again. We will talk about anything in the text message.

Sasha didn’t live with Norah, so she’s not particularly worried.

As long as she keeps a distance from Norah, there shouldn’t be any danger. But she still had to be careful.

Norah’s side was not very reliable.

After a short thought, Sasha quickly packed her luggage and left the community with her suitcase.

She didn’t check out with the landlord.

She paid three months rent for her house and a one-month deposit, which has not expired yet. Even if she told the landlord to move out, the landlord would not return the money to her.

Moreover, Norah had been targeted now, and it was not suitable for her to make any moves at this time.

In the evening, Norah called Sasha.

“Sasha, where are you now?” Norah said, “You’d better live in another place! I’m afraid that Elliot’s people will find you.”

“I’ve moved.” Sasha said calmly.

“That’s good. I called you to share some good news with you.” Norah said lightly.

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