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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2408 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2408

Gloria: “Okay! Miss Tate, thank you for giving me this job opportunity. I will cherish this opportunity.”

Avery: “Well. If you have anything in the future, feel free to contact me.”

After the two exchanged contact information, Gloria left.

Avery walked to the desk, picked up the water glass, and took a sip.

Thinking that Elliot said last night that she asked her to talk about her feelings after interviewing Gloria, she called Elliot.

Elliot answered the phone in seconds.

Avery teased: “You are fishing! Answering the phone so quickly.”

Elliot: “Then let’s make a video call!”

Elliot hung up the phone and dialed the video call for her.

Avery took over the video call with a smile.

On the screen of the mobile phone, Elliot’s figure suddenly appeared.

He’s in the office, but he’s not alone. In his office, several executives stood.

Elliot turned the camera to the back, so Avery could see it clearly.

Although those executives couldn’t see Avery’s face, Avery blushed.

“Okay, I know you haven’t fished. Since you’re busy, hang up. Call me later when you’re not busy.” Avery said awkwardly.

Elliot: “It’s not very busy either. You must have something to do with me. You can talk to me first! They won’t have any opinions.”

“I’m fine. Didn’t you ask me to tell you my feelings during the interview last night? There are so many people on your side. I’ll tell you later.” Avery hung up the video call after she finished speaking…

Elliot put down the phone.

An executive said, “Mr. Foster, what is Ms. Tate interviewing? Isn’t she the boss of the Tate Industries?”

Another executive said, “Ms. Tate means she is interviewing others, right? Isn’t she also hiring assistants?”

“Oh, how does she feel about interviewing others… Mr. Foster, you and Ms. Tate have such a good relationship! You have to make a special call to talk about such trivial matters. Hahaha!”

“What’s so funny? Boss Having a good relationship with the lady boss is something we should learn from! If you have a harmonious family relationship, you can work better in your career.”

“Mmmm! But if Ms. Tate is inexperienced in recruiting assistants, you can ask our personnel department to help you recruit together!”

Elliot : “She has already been recruited.”

Although Avery didn’t say that in the phone video call just now, Elliot guessed it.

Avery’s tone was more relaxed just now, presumably because the chat with Gloria was smoother.

“So fast? Who did she hire? Was it recommended by us? I heard from the HR department that they recommended some good women.”

“Well. She was indeed recommended by us.”

“It seems that Ms. Tate still trusts the talents we select.”

Elliot: “You have too many brains. She didn’t choose the best.”

Everyone: “…”

Elliot knew why Avery chose Gloria. Just because Gloria was from Yonroeville. And Haze had been lost in Yonroeville.

Avery must still be thinking about Yonroeville and Haze.

Although recruiting Gloria to be an assistant might not be of any help in finding Haze, there was a trace of solace in her heart.

Not long after Gloria came out of Tate Industries, she received a call from Tate Industries’s HR manager.

“Hello, Miss Wiens, my boss asked me to send you an offer, but you didn’t talk about salary.” The HR manager couldn’t hold back, laughed for a few minutes in the office, and then called Gloria, “Your ideal salary how many?”

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