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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2406 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2406

“Yes. I don’t like everything related to tea art, my family let me learn it. This is why I was going abroad to study at university. I don’t want to be arranged by my family to do something again.” Gloria chatted with her, not forgetting her purpose.

Avery was completely different from what she imagined.

At least for now, Avery was not like that kind of vicious person.

“Gloria, is it convenient to ask what’s the matter with the scar on your wrist?” Avery checked the scar on her wrist a few times, it looked like she had cut her wrist.

Gloria didn’t expect that Avery would see her wrist, and she felt a little uneasy.

“When I decided to go to university in Aryadelle, I had a fight with my family. My father didn’t want me to study abroad.” Gloria said calmly, “Sometimes I have to pay a price to win something. This is me The price to pay for freedom.”

Avery nodded, and the picture of her cutting her wrists had already been made up in her mind.

“Although I sympathize with your experience, it’s too extreme to force death. You only have one life. If there is an accident, everything will end.” Avery, out of a doctor’s instinct, was very repulsive of this kind of behavior.

Gloria: “If there was another way at the time, I wouldn’t be so extreme.”

The expression on Gloria’s face was a little uncomfortable, probably recalling the scene at that time.

“How is your relationship with your family now?” Avery asked.

“Much better.” Gloria was afraid that Avery would be worried because of this, so she said, “They don’t interfere in my affairs now.”

“That’s good. I have another question. When you chose to study abroad, why did you choose Aryadelle among so many countries? Do you have any friends here? Or is it for other reasons?” Avery asked After this problem, she picked up the water glass and took a sip.

Gloria lowered her eyes and thought for a while, and then returned unhurriedly: “I choose Aryadelle, the main reason is that it is far enough from my hometown, but not too far. I don’t know if you understand my feelings. If Being too close to my hometown, I would worry about my parents wanting to control my life at any time, but at the same time I also love my family very much, and when I miss them, I can go back at any time.”

Avery understood her feelings: “You are right. What are the salary requirements?”

“I am a fresh graduate and have no work experience. If you are willing to give me a chance, I don’t care how much the salary is.” Gloria said truthfully.

“Speaking of which, I have another question. Before you submit your resume to Sterling Group, did you read their recruitment requirements?” Avery was afraid that her question would scare her, so she smiled lightly.

Gloria also smiled: “Maybe it’s a new born calf that’s not afraid of tigers! I saw a lot of people on Facebook saying that if you can join Sterling Group, you can learn a lot, so I voted with the mentality of giving it a try.”

Avery: “A lot more strict. Because there are many people who send their resumes to them. And the position only needs one person, so they have a lot of choices.”

“Miss Tate, there should be many people who send their resumes here? Tate Industries is also a very excellent and powerful company. If I knew that you are also recruiting assistants, I would definitely vote for you.” Gloria began to guess the probability of her being selected.

From Avery’s attitude, she couldn’t guess what she was thinking at all.

Avery was very polite and gentle to her, which made Gloria feel that Avery liked her very much.

But Gloria also knew clearly that a person like Avery must be slender, and greet everyone with a smile. Therefore, Gloria was very uncertain.

“Yes, there are a lot of people who have submitted their resumes to us. Because I checked the corporate information of the Tate Industries, it can be found that the company’s major shareholder is actually Elliot. If you can’t enter the Sterling Group, you can be considered a member of the Tate Industries. A good choice. Sometimes companies from both sides will participate in activities and networking events together.” Avery answered patiently.

Gloria nodded: “Miss Tate, you are not what I imagined. I checked the questions that a general HR would ask, and people usually ask you if you can work overtime, whether you can adapt to high-intensity work, whether you are married, and whether you will be married in the future. Questions about whether or not to have children in two years.”

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