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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2402 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2402

Katalina didn’t expect Elliot to be such a person.

Lies came as soon as they opened their mouths, and the face was light and calm, and there was no flaw at all. This position, high, was really too high!

Aqi continued to send a message to Katalina and confessed his financial situation: [I did deposit the money with my boss before, but before the two of us got the certificate, I asked him to get the money back. All that money is in the card I gave you.]

Katalina: [Mmmm. Your boss said this to make my parents look up to you. Your boss is very nice. Let’s listen to your boss and don’t demolish it.]

Aqi: [I know. I have to listen to my boss first and then to you.]

Katalina couldn’t help laughing.

The reason why she resolutely decided to marry Aqi is precisely because of Aqi’s straightforward personality.

Sometimes it’s too blunt and a bit silly.

She had never seen someone who showed everything on their face like this.

When she was with Aqi, she didn’t have to guess his thoughts, she was relaxed every moment, this was the way she liked and yearned to get along.

When her parents asked her if she was really considering marrying Aqi, she gave her parents a firm reply.

She said that she would not marry anyone except Aqi.

The two elders of the Larson family were not as stubborn as before after experiencing the situation where their daughter was almost killed last time.

If marrying Aqi was a wrong choice, she would be able to turn back when her daughter hit the southern wall in the future.

“Uncle, auntie, since Aqi married Katalina, you are a family. Aqi’s apartment in the city center is not bad, why don’t you leave the hotel tonight and live there. You are not going to go shopping tomorrow. Can you go shopping? You can go to the city center first, it’s convenient to live there.” Elliot arranged.

After listening to Elliot talking about Aqi’s real estate and savings, the two elders of the Larson family changed their attitude towards Aqi slightly.

The main reason was that Elliot spoke so nicely, which made people feel at ease.

Unlike Aqi, stupid couldn’t say a few pleasant words, and liked to stare at people with those big dark eyes.

Although they knew that Aqi was not malicious when he stared at them, they wer just not satisfied that he was not decent enough.

Look how nice Elliot spoke! Successful people were different!

Looking at Elliot’s face, the two elders of the Larson family decided to follow Elliot’s persuasion and move to Aqi’s Daping floor in the city center tonight.

So the two elders looked at Aqi, wanting to see his attitude –

They saw that Aqi’s head was lowered a little bit, and he didn’t dare to look up at anyone.

The two elders thought they had lost their way.

Then they fixed his eyes on Aqi again.

This time, Aqi’s head was almost lowered to the bottom of the table.

The two old people understoodd! What Aqi meant was that he was unwilling to let them live on the large flat floor!

Ha ha! The two elders were furious in their hearts and turned to look at their daughter.

The daughter, who had always been generous, turned her head down and avoided their sight just like Aqi!

If it wasn’t for Elliot and Avery, the two elders would definitely have slapped the table and left!

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