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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2401 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2401

Katalina: “Then don’t eat it yet! People invite you out to eat, why is it really for dinner!”

Laurel Larson: “Okay, I see, I will ask your father to agree.”

“Well! We’ll meet later.” Katalina said and hung up the phone.

In the yard, Elliot also hung up the phone.

Elliot had to go out because he had an appointment with Laurel Larson to eat out.

“I’ll go with you.” Avery took her bag and walked to Elliot.

Elliot: “Didn’t you say that you are very tired from work today? Or you can rest at home.”

“I’m not tired now.” Avery was in high spirits, “Have you chosen a restaurant? Hurry up and reserve your seat by calling! It’s dinner time, and there are probably a lot of people everywhere.”

Elliot returned Aqi’s cell phone to him, and then took out his cell phone to order a restaurant.

After making the reservation, they got on the bus separately and went to the restaurant.

“Aqi, talk less and eat more.” Katalina was in the car and explained to Aqi, “I think your boss wants to help you.”

The two of them were in the same car, so Katalina didn’t have to worry about what Aqi said…

“Of course my boss wants to help me. I’m stupid!” Aqi said sullenly, “but I don’t think my boss speaks very nicely. He often makes Avery angry.”

Katalina: “People’s emotional intelligence absolutely kills ordinary people. You can see that he makes Avery angry because they are husband and wife…”

“My boss is even more rude to others. I think whether a person’s success is related to his emotional intelligence. It doesn’t matter that much. It mainly depends on the ability to make money.” Aqi has been working in the Foster family all the year round, and was deeply touched by this, “Hayden has an even more eccentric temper. He doesn’t say much…”

“People talk less, and they are less wrong. You are saying more and more mistakes.” Katalina attacked mercilessly.

Aqi felt that what his wife said made sense, so he shut up.

Arriving at the predetermined restaurant, the six met and sat down.

Soon the waiter started serving the food.

Laurel was a little shocked by the speed of serving food: “This restaurant serves food so fast!”

Aqi: “That’s because my boss is an honored guest of this restaurant. No matter when my boss comes, he will give priority to serving my boss.”

Laurel made an ‘oh’ with an embarrassed look on her face.

Katalina kicked Aqi under the table, telling him not to rush to speak.

Aqi immediately lowered his head and picked up the water glass to drink water.

“Uncle, auntie, Aqi has been working with me for many years. Others are not bad, but he’s stupid and can’t speak. Occasionally speaking, they are not likeable.” Elliot opened his mouth to break the awkward atmosphere.

Elliot’s voice was settled, and Laurel nodded again and again.

“I can see that the Aqi is not bad, and he is also good to our family, but he is not popular. In my heart, it’s like blocking a stone, and I’m not feeling well!” Laurel expressed her feelings, “last time Katalina almost had an accident, so we looked down on her a lot. If it wasn’t for that time, we would have taken Katalina away long ago, and we wouldn’t let her continue to suffer here. Mr. Foster, let me tell you the truth. Well, our family is not short of money…”

Elliot fully understood Laurel’s mood.

After Laurel finished speaking, Elliot said slowly: “Aqi has a villa worth $30 million in the third ring road. There is a suite in the core area of ​​the city center, with a large flat floor, more than 200 square meters. The value should not be lower than that A villa. In addition, Aqi’s income has been handed over to me to help him over the years. On the way over tonight, I asked my financial advisor, and Aqi’s current property has increased tenfold. “

Lincoln and Laurel: “…”

Katalina: “…”

Katalina took out her mobile phone and sent a message to Aqi: [Don’t you only have one villa? Why is there another set of large flats?]

Aqi: [I don’t have a large flat. My boss lied to your parents.]

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