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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2400 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2400

Which pot was really not opened and mentioned!

The boss loved Layla so much, how could he let Layla marry away?

From the boss’s point of view, there was no man in this world who was worthy of Layla!

The boss comforted him just now because in the boss’s opinion, Layla would never have the problem of marrying far away!

“I’m sorry, boss, I-I said the wrong thing.” Aqi immediately apologized when he heard Elliot’s breathing became heavier.

Elliot remembered what Avery teased him just now on the way to get off work. Not only was Chad afraid of him, but Aqi was also afraid of him.

Elliot didn’t want the people around him to be afraid of him. If the people around him went to Avery for anything in the future, what would he save face?

“It’s okay. Layla is still young, so I didn’t think about it.” Elliot pretended to be calm, “Your father-in-law and mother-in-law are still staying in the hotel?”

Aqi: “Yes! I and Katalina have both asked for leave today. I plan to take them around tomorrow.”

“You call them now and ask them if they have eaten. Just say I want to invite them to dinner.” Elliot planned to help Aqi win the approval of the two elders of the Larson family.

Aqi was overwhelmed and slapped: “Boss, why is this so embarrassing? You’ve been busy all day, and now I’m asking you to spend money…”

When Aqi said this, he found that Elliot’s face was gradually losing patience.

So Aqi changed his words: “Okay boss, I’ll let Katalina call her parents…”

“You call.” Elliot felt that his bodyguard might be a little silly.

It’s not too expressive.

No wonder Katalina’s parents were not satisfied with him.

He didn’t know how Katalina saw him.

“Oh…Okay, I’ll call.” Aqi immediately took out his mobile phone and called Katalina’s parents. Suddenly, he stopped, “Boss, I don’t have my parents-in-law’s number… I’ll ask Katalina…”

Elliot: “…”

If Elliot was Katalina’s father, Elliot would never agree to this marriage!

Aqi was so stupid!

Could Aqi take care of Katalina?

Katalina and Aqi were together, Elliot’s afraid they have found an eldest son for themselves!

After a while, Aqi got the number of Katalina’s father.

He called his father-in-law in front of Elliot. He didn’t know what he was thinking. After dialing the phone, he turned on the speakerphone and wanted to hear the call to Elliot.

Seeing his behavior, Elliot felt that he was a little weak. He was afraid that he wouldn’t speak to annoy Lincoln Larson when the phone got through, so he took the phone from his hand and turned off the speakerphone.

A few seconds later, Lincoln Larson answered the phone and asked who it was.

Elliot took the phone and walked into the yard.

Seeing that Elliot took Aqi’s cell phone to talk on the phone, Katalina immediately walked over to Aqi and asked, “Is he calling my dad?”

“Well. The boss probably thought I was a little stupid, so he took the phone over…” Aqi still had a little self-knowledge.

Katalina was afraid that her father would not pay attention to what he said, so she immediately took out her mobile phone from her bag and called her mother.

“Mom, Mr. Foster is talking to dad, please don’t talk nonsense!” Katalina said in a low voice, “Mr. Foster is the boss of Aqi, and he treats Aqi very well.”

Laurel Larson: “Silly daughter, even if Elliot is with Aqi. It doesn’t matter Aqi, we don’t dare to offend Elliot! He invited us out to dinner. We are eating now! “

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