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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2399 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2399

“Husband, I may have been out of the workplace for too long to do this. I will slowly get back to my state.” Avery took a deep breath, and her mood quickly stabilized, “By the way, today Katalina sent a message saying that she and Aqi got the certificate yesterday.”

Elliot: “Are they going to have a wedding?”

“I haven’t said anything about the wedding. She told me that Aqi has to take a few days off, because her parents are here. She and Aqi have to accompany her parents.” Avery smiled, and continued, “Didn’t Aqi tell you? Is Aqi afraid of you?”

Elliot really didn’t know about this.

He turned on his cell phone, but he didn’t see any message from Aqi, nor a call from Aqi.

Was Aqi really afraid of him?

But every time he talked to Aqi, he didn’t feel that Aqi was afraid of him.

“Since Katalina told me, it’s like telling you. Aqi’s fake, you have to criticize it!” Avery said, “I didn’t expect the two of them to get together so quickly. But the two of them is a good match.”

“Let’s see if Aqi asks me for leave. If he doesn’t even ask me for leave, does he expect me to take the initiative to give him vacation?” Elliot thought it was unbelievable, “Even Chad also took the initiative to find me. “

“Okay, husband, don’t be angry. I think Aqi will tell you when he picks up Layla later.” Avery patted him on the back, giving him a good chance.

The two went home, and Layla had already returned from school and both Aqi and Katalina were there.

Aqi looked at them with shame and hesitant to say anything. He must have wanted to ask Elliot for leave.

“Katalina, when you sent me a message, you didn’t say you were coming over at night.” Avery immediately took Katalina’s hand and led her to sit on the sofa, “If I knew you were coming, I would have come back from get off work earlier. “

Seeing the two of them entering the house, Aqi immediately approached Elliot and asked for leave: “Boss, I want to ask for a week’s leave. Katalina’s parents are here…”

“Didn’t you two get your certificates? You haven’t changed your mind?” Elliot teased him.

Aqi blushed and scratched his head: “Uh… my father-in-law and mother-in-law don’t really agree with Katalina marrying me. They don’t really want to pay attention to me.”

Elliot looked at the bodyguard’s aggrieved look, He secretly asked: “Where are they staying now?”

“They live in hotels. Before they came, they booked the hotel in advance.” Aqi said shyly, “They don’t want Katalina to marry me, and they don’t completely hate me. However, her parents don’t want her to marry away. I understand their feelings.”

“Then show your strength and sincerity to prove to them that you can take good care of their daughter.” Elliot said in a straightforward manner, “as long as they satisfied with you, it’s nothing to marry far away.”

Aqi felt that the boss was very reasonable, but Aqi didn’t know how to satisfy his father-in-law and mother-in-law.

Aqi originally wanted to ask the boss if there was any good way, but Aqi’s mind twitched and asked, “Boss, if Layla gets married in the future, wouldn’t you be reluctant?”

Elliot: “…”

Elliot’s eyes suddenly straightened, his body gradually stiffened, and his fists clenched.

At this moment, the sky thunders and the ground fires.

The bodyguard quickly covered his mouth, feeling that he might be dying.

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