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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2395 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2395

“You can think about what to eat for lunch, make an order first. When you are hungry, then send it over.” Elliot was busy all the morning, he was already hungry by now.

“Okay, let’s think about it.” Avery became lazy after speaking, too lazy to think, “I’ll eat whatever you want! Our tastes are almost the same now.”

“You’re too lazy to think about it! What are you doing?” Hearing her tone, Elliot felt that she was half-hearted.

Avery picked up the water glass, took a sip of water, and moistened her throat: “I didn’t do anything all morning. I checked the tea art culture in Yonroeville. I didn’t even hear about it before, the tea art in Yonroeville seems to be quite famous.”

“Yes. The tea art in Yonroeville is not only about drinking tea, but also tea art performances. It’s mainly about watching the performances. I can’t drink tea that much difference.” Elliot went to Yonroeville to enjoy the tea there. Tea art performance, but he was not interested in it.

Avery listened to his words, her tone was slightly sour, “Have you not had less fun before?”

Elliot: “How can I answer you?”

Avery: “Answer truthfully!”

Elliot: “In Yonroeville, tea art performance is one of the most important things. It’s a very formal profession. It’s not what you think. Of course, it’s not ruled out that some people do that kind of thing with the gimmick of a tea art show, but I’ve never played it.”

Avery: “Oh. Why are you nervous?”

“Is there any?” Elliot picked up the water glass and took a sip, “Did you check this because you read Gloria Wiens’s resume? Are you trying to recruit her?”

Avery: “I thought she was from the Yonroeville, so I watched it for a while. As a result, I was attracted by the tea art competition. I read the information that generally people who learn tea art performance start at a very young age. Apprenticeship… it’s so troublesome!”

“It seems so. I don’t know the specifics. Why are you so interested in this all of a sudden? Even if you recruit her as an assistant, you don’t need her to perform for you.” Elliot teased…

“I didn’t say I wanted to recruit her! I just gained some knowledge.” Avery was stubborn.

“Some useless knowledge.” Elliot added, “If you are interested in her, you can ask her for an interview. When you meet, let her talk to you, isn’t it more detailed than what you searched on the Internet?”

“Avery: Yes! But I haven’t decided whether to ask her for an interview. After all, she submitted her resume for you, and they want to be your assistant…”

“How do you know she’s not casting a wide net?” Elliot woke up Avery.

“Then… or ask your HR manager to call and ask her to see if she is willing to come to me for an interview. Otherwise, I feel a little awkward if I contact her directly.” Avery decided to meet and chat with Gloria Wiens.

“Okay.” From her tone, Elliot felt that she was very satisfied with Gloria Wiens.

If Gloria Wiens agreed to work with her, it was estimated that Gloria Wiens could successfully get the offer.

Neighboring city.

While the Miss was eating, she received a call from HR manager of Sterling Group.

“Hello, Miss Wiens, I’m the HR manager of Sterling Group. I’m calling you to inform you that you don’t meet our requirements, so unfortunately, you can’t be our assistant to the president.” The HR manager said, “But our boss is also looking for assistants. Her requirements are a little lower. Your education is enough. I don’t know if you would mind if I push your resume over.”

Gloria Wiens’s mood changed in a short time. She asked, “Is your boss Avery?”

The HR manager: “Yes. She is looking for an assistant now. I wonder if you have sent her a resume?”

“No. I didn’t see the recruitment information of the Tate Industries.” Gloria Wiens was a little nervous, but also very grateful, “Then please help I forwarded my resume, thank you!”

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