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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2392 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2392

There were a total of more than a dozen resumes.

That was all about applying for Elliot’s assistant.

Avery casually opened a resume and glanced at it.

The other’s education and work experience were very good.

If this person sent her a resume, there was almost no doubt that she could go directly to the interview.

Avery clicked on the second resume, and after reading it, she felt the same as the first one.

That was still a very good woman.

If the other party was willing to be her assistant, she had almost no reason to refuse.

It was estimated that those dozen resumes were excellent, otherwise Elliot would not have sent them to her.

She was in a situation where she didn’t know how to choose.

After a while of emptying her mind, she lost sleepiness.

She turned on her phone and continued to read her resume.

After reading more than a dozen resumes, her eyes were a little sore. She reached out and rubbed her eyes, which were dry and itchy.

She put down her phone and planned to wash her face, then went to the study to find eye drops.

When she went to the bathroom, Elliot woke up.

Elliot opened his eyes and saw Avery’s figure through the dim light.

“Avery, what’s the matter with you? Are you uncomfortable?” Elliot woke up in a daze, and sat up with his arms on his body.”

“No. I’ve been looking at my phone for a long time, and my eyes are a little itchy. I’ll go get eye drops.” Avery turned off the light in the bathroom and walked out.

Elliot was afraid that she could not see clearly, so he immediately turned on the bedside lamp.

“Avery, haven’t you slept?” Elliot glanced at the time, it was past midnight.

“I couldn’t sleep, so I just read the resume you forwarded to me. These people are excellent! Others want to be your assistants, so they might not be willing to come to me!” Avery raised her doubts.

“As long as the salary is in place, it’s basically no problem. You choose first, and then you can talk about it.” Elliot said indifferently, “You are insomnia because of this?”

“I’ll go get eye drops first, and I’ll talk to you later. If you’re sure you don’t want to sleep, you want to talk to me.” Avery said and walked out of the bedroom.

Five minutes later, Avery dropped eye drops and returned to the bedroom.

Elliot looked more sober than before. He was leaning against the bed and looking at his phone. When he saw Avery come in, he put down his phone.

“Husband, why don’t we go to bed? It’s very late. We have to go to work tomorrow!” Avery yawned, “Don’t be so anxious about recruiting people, I’m also helping me choose the personnel here.”

“Well. Didn’t you fall asleep at noon? Why can’t you fall asleep?” Elliot turned off the light after Avery went to bed.

“I…” Avery stopped her mouth in time when she was about to speak.

There was no need to tell Elliot about Layla and Eric. Because Eric couldn’t mess with Layla at all.

If she told Elliot, Elliot would definitely make a big fuss, and maybe he would stop Layla and Eric from interacting in the future.

Layla would definitely be very angry by then, which would inevitably affect her studies. And Avery didn’t want to see Elliot and Eric tear their faces, and it would be difficult for her to be caught in the middle.

“Maybe my auntie is coming soon.” Avery found a reason, “the abdomen is a little painful.”

Elliot heard the words and immediately turned to her side: “Avery, would you like some hot water? I’ll bring it to you.”

“No need to drink water now, I’m afraid I will wake up later.” Avery put her arms around his waist.

“Then I’ll rub it for you.” Elliot’s big palm covered her belly, rubbing lightly.

Avery actually had no abdominal discomfort, but after reaching out and touching his hand a few times, it actually had a hypnotic effect.

Soon, she stumbled into dreamland.

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