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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2386 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2386

Miss nodded: “I know. The question now is whether Siena will be bullied by other children when she goes to school.”

“If other children dare to bully Siena, she will definitely fight back. I have told her all about it.” The mother-in-law said.

The Miss shook her head: “Fights are not allowed in school. I’ll take Siena to school later and communicate with the teacher.”

“Anyway, kindergarten doesn’t learn much.” Mother-in-law mainly focused on crispy, “She is used to playing with the children in the mountains, but now she is locked at home every day, which is really depressing. She used to sleep well. Yes, she goes to bed when she touches the bed. Now she can’t sleep at night, and she always wakes up when she falls asleep. I’m really afraid she’ll be suffocated.”

“I know she’s not happy. But before everything is clear, I can only feel wronged first.” The Miss said helplessly, “There is absolutely no way for people to live as they please, not only her, but many people in this society.”

“Well. Be careful on the road.” The mother-in-law said.

After the Miss came out of the room, she walked in front of Siena, took her hand, and led her out.

The weather was not very good today, the clouds were dense, and the sky looked like it was about to collapse. And there was a cold fog all around.

The mother-in-law surrounded her face with a scarf, revealing only a pair of big, crystal clear eyes.

The kindergarten was near the community where they lived, and they could walk there.

Since the last time Elliot sent someone over, they have changed to a more remote and older community.

The kindergartens near the community were naturally not very good. But for them, safety came first and quality of life came second now.

“Miss, I heard what you said to my mother-in-law just now.” Siena raised her head and glanced at the Miss, “Miss, you are a good person.”

The corner of the Miss’s mouth rose, but she couldn’t laugh: “Siena, you’re also a good girl. Bad people are not so easy to distinguish. You are still young, you just need to take care of yourself, eat when you should eat, sleep when you should sleep, and if you can go to school, go to school well. Don’t think too much about the rest.”

“Mother-in-law told me When I grow up, help my mother to avenge.” Siena will not dare to tell her mother-in-law what she said to the Miss, “But I have never seen my mother. Who am I going to seek revenge for? I can’t win against anyone!”

“Yeah. Now I don’t even know who the enemy is, how to take revenge.” The Miss sighed, “I am also looking for the murderer of your mother.”

Siena: “Miss, why are you helping my mother?”

“I am not helping your mother. Also I won’t help your mother. I have nothing to do with your mother, and I even hate her a little bit.” The Miss made no secret of her emotions, “Your mother stole the person I liked. Although your mother didn’t do it on purpose, if she didn’t Your mother, the person I like will definitely not reject me.”

“Oh… miss, who is the person you like? Where is he?” Siena asked curiously.

The Miss gritted her teeth, took a deep breath, and opened her lips with trembling: “The night your mother died, he was also killed.”

Siena’s face was covered with a chill.

Other children at this age would not come into contact with the word ‘death’ so frequently.

But Siena not only knew death early, but also knew the cruelty of life.

The Miss brought Siena to the kindergarten and met the principal.

After seeing the scar on Siena’s face, the principal of kindergarten was stunned for a moment, and then asked, “Does she have any other problems besides the scar on her face?”

The Miss: “No other problem. She is very healthy and has a good personality. Rather quiet.”

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  1. Everyone knows Elliot and Avery are looking for their missing child….why not just call them and talk, rather than this long hide and seek game

  2. She said that her mother stole some body from her and that person was also killed which is Lorenzo so I have to go all the way back to see who was trying to get with him because that’s who has had haze .

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