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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2385 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2385


The news of Elliot’s recruitment of assistants had become a hot search.

Generally, people of such worth as Elliot would not recruit externally.

He needed assistants, he could be promoted from the inside, or he could dig his favorite talents in the circle. But he didn’t.

The reason why the news of his recruitment of assistants was on the hot search was related to the treatment he offered to the assistants.

It is written on the recruitment notice that once hired, the annual salary starts at one million, and there is no ceiling. If you perform well, you will have the opportunity to acquire Sterling Group shares.

With such favorable conditions, who could not be moved by seeing it?

Although the hard requirements for Elliot’s assistant were not low, there were still many qualified people.

As Avery said, the salary was good, and there were naturally countless talents to submit resumes.

“Elliot is hiring an assistant.” After seeing the news, Norah raised a smile on the corner of her mouth.

“Didn’t we know about this two days ago?” Sasha responded flatly, “Have you found the right person?”

“Well, I’ve talked a few times in the past two days, and there is one person who is quite suitable. I’ll contact him now.” Norah opened the address book and said to Sasha, “Elliot is recruiting assistants, and they must only be men. I’ll see him. The male priority written on the request is the same as I thought. Just look for it according to the appearance and ability of his former assistant, which is right.”

Sasha stood at the door of the kitchen because soup was being stewed inside.

Sasha: “If only all went well.”

“Even if it doesn’t go well, it’s fine. His company has other positions to recruit. With my connections, it’s not difficult to put someone in. It’s just that it’s more convenient if someone can be installed by his side.” Norah said calmly. .

“Norah, you said you are such a smart person, even if you do something else, you will definitely make a lot of money. Why do you have to lick Elliot and Avery?” Sasha was a little puzzled.

The reason why Sasha looked for Haze was because there was no other way for Sasha to be a new person.

But Norah was different.

“Sasha, before I contacted Elliot, I did a good job. But no matter how good I do my job, I just make money for the boss, and I can only get a fixed income. That is absolutely not proportional to my efforts. What’s so good about part-time work, I don’t want to work anymore at all.” Norah saw it through, “Being a good person, in the end, it’s just a servant. It’s better to take the risk and give it a shot.”

Sasha: “Okay! Let’s be more cautious this time. Even if we can’t make money, we must not risk our lives. It’s better to die than live!”

Norah: “Well. I’m measured.”

The other side.

The Miss also saw the news that Elliot was recruiting assistants.

After seeing the news, she immediately clicked on the recruitment APP, found the recruitment information of Sterling Group’s recruitment of assistant president, and carefully checked the recruitment requirements listed by the other party.

  1. Bachelor degree or above.
  2. ………..
  3. ………..


The first rule directly rejected her from the door.

A layer of sweat broke out on her palms, if she submitted her resume, she would definitely be in vain, right?

If she didn’t try it, how did she know it won’t work?

Thinking of this, she bravely clicked on her resume, intending to optimize her resume.

An hour later, she checked the revised resume several times. After confirming that there was no way to change it, she took a deep breath and delivered the resume.

“Miss, Siena woke up. Did you take her to the kindergarten, or should I take her?” The mother-in-law pushed open the study door and asked from the door.

“I’ll take her there!” The Miss closed the computer and walked out of the study.

“Miss, if the school accepts her, why don’t you let her go to school! She promised me that she would never tear the scar off her face, and she can definitely do it.” The mother-in-law pleaded softly, “In this state, no one will doubt that Siena is Elliot’s daughter.”

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  1. Well, at this junction I will take a break from reading this novel and wait till the author unveil the reuniting of haze and her parents(Eliot and Avery). Because I don’t see the reason why he want to start a genesis of Norah’s plan working to drag the story on and on…. Hayden has been too silent in the novel for too long.

    1. I know but the way the writer is dragging this story she is going to be the new assistant. And hopefully this will help somehow, as crazy as it is this story is so confused and boring the author ruin the story by going all over

  2. It’s so sad how this story have dragged on 🤬🤬 if this was a real author and the fans / supporters are voicing their opinions they would listen. Don’t get me wrong this is a great story why not let them have their daughter and end this story with a happy ending and moved on to another book. People are getting bored losing interest with drama after drama. Nobody cares about Norah Sasha Gwen Mike Ben Jun Tammy Wesley Shea and Eric please kill them all out of the story they meant nothing just wasting story time 🤬🤬🤬🤬


  4. I agree! I don’t think the writer reads any comments. If he does, he clearly could care less. Honestly, if I had known when I got dragged into this “love novel” that it really was a soap opera in the making, I would have NEVER read it….at this point, I have been reading for almost 6 months with another 4-6 months to go at the rate this STUPID WRITER IS GOING!!!DRAMA SCENE AFTER DRAMA SCENE. If this was a true novel, he would have wrapped it up, many months ago!!! 😡😡😡😡

    1. We all know that’s what going to happen. All I have to do is read the comments to see what is happening. We seem to be able to know what the “author” is going to ho before we get all of 1 page per chapter. If the author woukd just think about why the “chapters” are getting shorter it is because, these poor people have already been threw every possible scenario abd he is running out of things to put them through. WRAP IT UP ALREADY. I haven’t read since page 2365, just reading comments, but I think I’m about to stop reading them. I think that the more people read and leave comments the author will continue to do this. He knows that we are all going to go back. NOT ME IM DONE

  5. I think Avery wants to recruit internally from the company and that’s what Elliot should do. It’s just that the writer wants to take us to rollercoaster ride again with Norah.
    When Elliot sees Miss’ resume he’ll pass it to Avery and she’ll end up working with Avery. This is what I think will happen.

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