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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2384 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2384

After sending the email to Avery, Elliot added: [Don’t hire men.]

Avery: [? ? ?]

Elliot: [I recruit men, you recruit women. Fine?]

Avery: [ are really careful!]

Elliot: [You say that, I’m not happy.]

Avery: [No gender discrimination in the workplace! As long as it is suitable, it can be male or female! Can we not be so rigid?]

Elliot: [Do you mind if I hire a female assistant?]

Avery didn’t think about it, and replied: [Of course I don’t mind! What’s the point of that? Don’t you also have a lot of beautiful female secretaries in your company? Do you think when did I ever mind? Not only the female secretary of your company is beautiful, but other female employees are also very beautiful. I wonder if your company’s personnel are recruiting people from the perspective of beauty pageants?]

Elliot: [I don’t know. I didn’t ask for personnel. I’ll go to the company to find personnel and ask.]

Avery: [No need! I’ll just complain to you privately, how embarrassed you would be if you asked people like that! I think it may be that there are more people who send resumes to your company, so it is better to recruit beautiful and capable people.]

Elliot: [Maybe! I don’t care about other personnel changes except for the people I want to use. I haven’t seen so many beauties in my company as you said.]

Avery: [Quietly watching you pretend to be forceful.]

Elliot: [Since you don’t mind me hiring a female assistant, would you mind if I take her on a business trip in the future? When Chad followed me, we often socialized and traveled together. You know it.]


Elliot: [What’s the matter? Feel free to say what you have in mind. Since we are husband and wife, we should be honest.]

Avery: [Why don’t you hire men!]

Elliot: [What about you? ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š]

Avery looked at the smiling expression he sent, and felt as if she was right in front of him, looking at him with that expression that looked like a smile but was actually threatening.

Avery opened the thermos cup, took a sip of warm water, and replied: [I will try my best to recruit women. If you have a good resume when you are recruiting, you can send it to me!]

Elliot: [OK.]

After negotiating with Elliot, Avery simply revised the recruitment notice.

The revised recruitment conditions have changed from ‘men first’ to ‘women first’.

After revising the recruitment copy, Avery sent the copy to HR.

After receiving the personnel, HR immediately replied: OK, Ms. Tate, I will immediately go to major recruitment websites to publish. Do you accept internal staff transfer? There should be many employees who want to be your assistants.]

Avery: [Let’s recruit first! See if you can find a suitable one.]

HR: [Good Ms. Tate.]

After a while, HR sent another message: [Ms. Tate, I heard that Mr. Foster is going to recruit assistants, isn’t it?

Avery: [Yes! Who did you listen to?]

HR: [Listen to what the personnel say over there. Our two companies have been friends together before, so I added a friend from HR there.]

Avery: [Well, Chad has been transferred to Bridgedale, so he wants to hire an assistant. If you have a suitable candidate, you can push it.]

HR: [Okay. But if there is a suitable candidate, I will definitely recommend it to you first. If you think it is inappropriate, I dare not recommend it to Mr. Foster.]

Avery: [I recruit women, he recruits men.]

The HR was stunned for a moment, and then reacted: [Okay, I understand! hey-hey!]

Avery blushed in embarrassment. In fact, she was really not that careful.

But Avery really didn’t want Elliot and the female assistant to go on business trips and so on.

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