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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2380 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2380

Inside the box was a pair of very shiny ear studs.

When choosing a gift for Eric, Avery had a headache for a long time.

Avery didn’t know what Eric would like, or what would be more appropriate to give. She even looked for photos of Eric on the Internet for inspiration.

After looking at a few photos of him, Avery found that he looked good in earrings, so she discussed with Elliot and chose a pair of earrings for him.

“Thank you! I accepted the gift.” Eric closed the box and put it in his pocket.

“Don’t you like it very much?” Avery was a little nervous, “I really don’t know what you like, and you can buy what you like yourself.”

“No! No matter what you gave me, I like it. It’s just that I don’t usually wear earrings when I rest. I’ll wear them when I work next time.” Eric explained.

Avery: “It’s been hard work for you these two days. Mike sent me a message saying that you don’t need to worry about him if you help look after the child.”

“Layla has grown up and doesn’t need me to do anything at all. Robert is also very obedient, basically sticking to Layla. I just watched them play and didn’t do anything at all.” Eric recalled these two’s life, “I played a few games of chess with Hayden. I can’t play, and he doesn’t know how to play, haha!”

“Playing chess? What chess?” Avery didn’t remember Hayden’s hobby of playing chess.

Eric: “Checkers.”

Avery: “…”

Avery thought it was chess, she didn’t expect it to be checkers.

“It seems that Robert has a pair of checkers.” Avery said.

Eric: “Yes, we played with Robert’s checkers.”

Avery: “……”

At this time, Mrs. Cooper came over and said with a smile, “Dinner is ready, are you ready for dinner now?”

“Well.” Avery was a little hungry. “I’m not used to eating outside. It tastes sweet there. I feel that everything I eat there is sweet.”

“Is it so exaggerated? You can ask the chef to put less sugar.” Mrs. Cooper said.

Avery: “I said, if you don’t say it, the dishes will be sweeter. I said don’t put sugar, and people say you won’t be able to cook without sugar.”

Mrs. Cooper: “Haha! The taste is too different. Next time you go on a trip, you can bring a chef there.”

“Actually, we can also go out to find a restaurant to eat, but we are lazy and have never left the resort.” Avery said, taking the children to wash their hands.

Mrs. Cooper went to the kitchen to serve dishes.

Leaving Elliot and Eric in place. The two looked at each other, and there was an awkward atmosphere in the air.

Elliot remembered that he had promised Avery that he would have a better attitude towards Eric in the future.

Now as the head of the family, Elliot should take the initiative to the guest Eric.

Thinking of this, Elliot said, “Eric, you are welcome to come and play often in the future.”

Eric: “…”

This was the first time Eric heard Elliot call him ‘Eric’.

Eric was not used to it, and even goosebumps appeared.

Just like eating something you are allergic to, your body will have an adverse reaction in an instant.

Seeing that Eric didn’t answer, Elliot looked at himself with a neurotic look, and the expression on Elliot’s face suddenly turned gloomy.

“Can you talk well?” Eric felt that the atmosphere was right after his face turned gloomy.

Elliot: “Didn’t I just talk to you well? Avery asked me to talk to you well.”

Eric: “Oh, I said why you are so strange, like taking the wrong medicine.”

“Can you speak well?” Elliot’s temper was almost unbearable.

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