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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2377 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2377

Robert recognized cash, but had no concept of money.

Gave him money, and he would take it and put it in the piggy bank.

“Mom, I’m counting how much money you have.” Layla blushed and protested, “My brother is making trouble! My brother doesn’t know how to count.”

“Take your brother to wash your hands when you’re done counting. The cash is dirty, there are a lot of bacteria on it.” Avery reminded.

“Got it! Mom, what are you doing with Dad?” Layla asked Eric, looking at her parents on the screen.

Avery: “We just finished eating, and we’re going to take our lunch break later.”

“Oh, is honeymoon fun?” Layla asked earnestly.

At this time, Robert said angrily: “It’s definitely not fun! How can it be fun without me?”

Avery laughed: “Baby, mom and dad will take you out to play next time. By the way, where’s your brother?”

“Brother thought I was noisy, so he went out.” Robert was very self-aware.

Avery’s heart ached.

Were the brothers at odds?

“My brother really dislikes you for being noisy, but my brother didn’t go out because he disliked you. My brother went to see my grandmother.” Layla corrected Robert’s words.

The smile on Avery’s face suddenly froze, “Layla, brother went alone?”

“The bodyguard went with him. I originally wanted to go with my brother, but my brother asked me to stay at home. Because the weather is not very good today.” Layla explained.

“It’s really not suitable to go out in bad weather. Robert said that Hayden disliked him for quarreling. Did they quarrel?” Avery asked Layla.

“Robert went to call my brother to get up for breakfast in the morning. My brother was woken up by Robert, and he was unhappy.” Layla explained the situation to her mother, “My brother must have stayed up late last night and couldn’t get up in the morning. My brother is innocent. My brother is afraid that he is hungry. Well!”

“Yeah! Your brother is right, and your elder brother is also right. You don’t need to call your elder brother to get up in the morning, he will get up by himself when he sleeps well.” Avery soothed the child’s emotions, “Mom thinks you are really good, So sensible and obedient…”

“Hmm! Mom, go take a nap! I’m going to count the money.” Layla pouted and kissed in the air, then sat back on the blanket and counted money.

Avery asked with a smile: “Eric, the two of them are counting money, are you bored?”

“It’s okay. I’m responsible for counting the money counters that Layla has counted, and then seal them up.” Eric switched the camera to the other side and showed her the stacks of money she had sealed.

Avery: “…”

On the other side.

After Siena’s mother-in-law had lunch, she went out with Siena.

The crispy winter clothes were too small, so Siena’s mother-in-law had to buy new clothes.

The mother-in-law originally wanted to go out and buy new clothes for Siena and bring her back, but she couldn’t bear to leave Siena at home alone. So she went out with Siena.

Siena looked at the unfamiliar things in front of her with curiosity, but her eyes were a little more timid and uneasy than before.

The mother-in-law: “Siena, don’t be afraid. Others won’t hurt you. Miss said, if you want to study, you can ask a teacher to teach you to read at home. Miss can also teach you to read and write every night during the rest time.”

“Mother-in-law, I want to go to school like other children.” Siena raised her head and said her thoughts, “Last time someone came to me, wasn’t my mother-in-law sent them away? Those bad people will definitely not come to me now.” Siena didn’t want to be locked in the house every day.

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