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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2375 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2375

Cole received Chad’s call and was very happy: “I knew that my uncle Elliot is not so heartless! I knew that he would definitely not ignore my father! Anyway, my father is his elder brother…”

Chad felt nausea in his stomach and almost vomited out the lunch he just ate.

Chad: “Where is your dad now? Let’s meet again!”

Cole: “My dad is in the hospital. I’ll send you the address.”

Chad: “Okay.”

After hanging up, Cole quickly called Chad made a position.

After Chad glanced at the location, he took the person he had found and headed to the destination together.

The hospital where Henry was hospitalized was a community hospital, and the medical level was not very good.

It can be seen that Cole really had no money to treat Henry, so he placed Henry in this hospital.

The car stopped at the entrance of the community hospital, and Chad saw Cole standing at the entrance of the hospital at a glance.

The look he was looking forward to was completely different from the one he saw at the door of the hotel yesterday. Today, he was a little more radiant!

It seemed that the sky was starting to fall pie.

Chad opened the car door, got out of the car, and walked to Cole.

Cole’s eyes fell on the man beside Chad.

“This is…” Cole felt that the man didn’t look like a bodyguard.

“Doesn’t your dad need money to save his life? Of course my boss is not a ruthless person. In view of Mrs. Foster’s face, my boss has found a loan channel for you.” Chad’s mouth rose slightly, “Let me introduce, this is Boss Gu. If you ask him to borrow money, he will charge you interest according to the bank loan standard.”

Cole’s face froze suddenly: “Chad… this is me. What does uncle mean?”

“That’s what my boss means. If you don’t believe me, you can call and ask.” Chad said, “Let me tell you what will happen if you don’t pay the money when it’s due! You can Choose monthly repayment, so you will be less stressed. If you can’t pay the monthly repayment, if you breach the contract three times, Boss Gu will arrest you and use all means to make you pay back the money. Boss Gu is very special in this regard, so don’t think about defaulting on your debts.”

Cole’s face was ashen with fright, and he felt remorse in his heart.

“No…No…” Cole suddenly didn’t want to treat his father.

“Why don’t you use it? Didn’t you say that your father is the only family member? If you feel that you are afraid that you will not be able to pay for it if you borrow too much, you can borrow less first.” Chad said, “Or you can put Boss Gu’s contact information first. Plus, if you are in urgent need of money in the future, you can contact Boss Gu at any time.”

Cole gritted his teeth, his face ashen.

This was completely different from what he imagined! He felt like he was being tricked.

“Master Foster, this is my business card, you can keep it!” Boss Gu’s tone was teasing, “If you want to borrow money, call me anytime. From President Foster’s face, I can borrow as much as you want. Borrow, as long as you have your life to pay it back.”

Threatened by his last words, Cole threw the business card out without thinking about it!

“I won’t borrow it!” After Cole roared, he strode into the hospital.

He didn’t lend money, and at most his father dies.

If he didn’t pay the loan, he would die.

Between his father’s death and his death, he chose his father’s death.

Chad watched Cole’s back disappear in front of him, turned around and took out his mobile phone, found Elliot’s number and dialed it.

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