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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2373 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2373

Ben’s brows wrinkled, his eyes flashed with embarrassment.

“I’ll go back to my room to get my phone…” Ben quickly returned to his room, found his phone, turned it on, and dialed Jun.

Tammy dared to take a video of him, and he would definitely not delete the video easily, so he could only save the country and ask Jun for help.

Jun answered the phone in seconds: “Brother Ben, you woke up so early?”

“Jun, Gwen said that your wife took a video of me last night. You delete the video immediately!” Ben won’t tell anyone, he remembered everything last night clearly.

He was really drunk last night, so he could lose control of his emotions and cry and make trouble in public.

When he acted coquettishly with Gwen last night, he knew that everyone was watching, but when people were impulsive, they couldn’t control that much.

Even if the sky was falling, he would still go his own way.

Now he didn’t have much regret. After all the trouble last night, Gwen was much gentler to him.

Everything was still worth it.

It’s just that he didn’t allow videos related to last night to circulate outside.

Even if Tammy didn’t spread the video and just kept it on her phone, he couldn’t stand it.

“Brother Ben, aren’t you embarrassing me? You know who is in charge of our family.” Jun wanted to cry, “Tammy told me last night that if I dared to delete the video on her phone, she will divorce me.”

Ben: “…”

Jun: “Brother Ben, although I can’t help you delete the video, I can send you a copy of the video from her mobile phone.”

Ben: “I don’t want it!”

Jun: “Okay! Then I really can’t help you. Tammy said that as long as you treat Gwen well in the future, she will never spread the video.”

Ben’s temple was violent for a while in pain: “You still send me the video to see!”

“Okay!” Jun readily agreed.

A minute later, Ben received the video from Jun.

Ben opened the video with trembling fingers –

after watching it, the corners of Ben’s mouth twitched, his heart trembled, and his body trembled!

Help! He would never be seen again!

After one day.

Someone posted a photo of encountering Elliot and Avery in Kuoslaville on the Internet.

People who met them by chance also took a group photo with them.

The netizen posted the photo on the Internet and posted a long Facebook to record the incident.

——Avery is taller and more beautiful than she looks in the photos. To be honest, she is very capable even if she enters the entertainment industry. Mainly her face is pure natural, completely different from those plastic face. And her skin is super. More importantly, she is so gentle, my God! I’m a girl, and I’m fascinated by her!

Let’s talk about Elliot! Elliot didn’t talk to us all the time. Except when he was taking pictures, he looked at the camera, and he looked at Avery at other times! It can be seen that he loves Avery so much! A person’s eyes can not deceive people! They are really a perfect match! Not only is the height, appearance, personality fit, but the overall feeling is very good! I don’t know if anyone understands what I mean. Seeing them, I really believe in love!

After this it was posted, it quickly became a trend topic.

After Norah swiped the Facebook, she clicked on the photo.

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