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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2368 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2368

“Uncle Eric, my parents are going on their honeymoon, you come to our house to play!” Layla hugged Eric from her mother’s side and warmly invited him, “Didn’t you say you started working after New Year’s Day? We have three days off on New Year’s Day! You should be able to play for two more days!”

Eric thought After a moment, he said, “I have to ask your mother.”

“Don’t ask! My parents are no longer at home, and I have the final say in our family!” Layla looked smug and proud, “The two of them will leave tonight. You go directly to our house at night!”

Layla’s domineering answer made Eric laugh.

Robert raised his head and corrected his sister’s words: “Sister, isn’t my brother Hayden back? Mom and Dad are not at home, we have to listen to my brother.”

In Robert’s heart, although his sister was extremely important, Robert thought that his brother Hayden was a little more powerful than his sister Layla.

“Brother listens to me too!” Layla said forcefully, “Because elder brother likes me, elder brother listens to me in everything. You must also listen to me in everything.”

Robert nodded obediently: “Sister, of course I am. I’ll listen to you, because I like you more than my brother.”

“Little sycophant.” Layla said that, but her heart was sweet.

After the dinner in the evening, Eric walked over to Avery and patted her on the shoulder.

Avery immediately followed him to the side.

“Layla asked me to play at your house for two days.” Eric thought it would be better to tell Avery about this.

If they lived in Avery’s house in the Starry River Villa, Eric would not be so restrained.

“Yes! As long as you don’t dislike our house being too noisy, it’s totally fine.” Avery smiled, “Robert is rather noisy now.”

Eric: “I think Robert is quite good.”

“That’s because I don’t know you very well. It’s different when you’re familiar with it.” Avery explained, “When are you going to start working? You’ve been resting for so long, shouldn’t your manager be anxious?”

Eric said in a hurry, “He’s been watching more openly. Now, he’s taking the whole family on vacation abroad.”

Avery: “Hahaha!”

Eric: “I heard that you are leaving tonight. It’s a good journey!”

Avery: “Well. Layla let you live in our house, will it be more troublesome for you? If you don’t want to go, I can tell Layla politely.”

Eric: “No. It’s the same wherever I live. As long as I don’t live with Elliot, I’ll be fine.”

“Haha, even if Elliot is at home, he will welcome you.” Avery explained, “He is no longer the careful man he used to be.”

After Avery said this, Eric looked at Elliot.

Avery followed his line of sight and looked at Elliot.

Avery saw that Elliot stared at them intently.

The expression on Elliot’s face, although not much hostile, was serious and tense.

“I think he’s still the same as before.” Eric laughed, “Go on vacation! I’ll take good care of your children.”

Avery: “Thank you! I’ll bring you gifts when I come back.”

Eric: “Don’t bring for me. Just bring gifts for the children.”

Avery knew that Eric was afraid that Elliot would mind, so he said so, Avery didn’t answer.

But Avery would definitely buy gifts for Eric. She felt that Elliot was not so stingy.

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