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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2367 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2367

Unfortunately, he was cowardly and afraid of pain. So even if he really wanted to die, he didn’t dare to take this step.

After sitting on the bench by the road for a while, he finally mustered up his courage, found Elliot’s number, and dialed it.

He didn’t expect that Elliot would answer his phone so quickly.

Cole was stunned for a moment, not knowing what to call him for a while.

“I…my dad is sick…” Cole was afraid that Elliot would hang up the phone, so he quickly adjusted his mood and prayed, “He was diagnosed with lung cancer half a year ago…Now I have no money to pay for medical expenses, Elliot, please help my dad! I know you hate me, but my dad is not bad…he really is not bad…Elliot, please, for my grandma’s sake, give us some money!”

“How dare you mention your grandma?!” Elliot’s eyes were cold, “If you didn’t kill your grandma, your grandma is still alive now. “

“I’m sorry! I know I don’t deserve to mention her… But my mother is also dead. If my father is also dead, then I will have no family anymore!” Cole cried bitterly.

He pointed out that ‘my mother is also dead’, just to remind Elliot that his mother had already paid her grandma’s blood debt!

“Let your father come to me and tell me about your father.” Elliot didn’t want to see Cole. If he did, he was afraid that he would kill him.

“My father refused… He said he had no face to beg you… After all, when he filed a lawsuit with you and caused you to be scolded by others, he has always regretted what he did wrong and wanted to apologize to you, But I’m afraid you won’t want to answer…” Cole cried even louder.

Elliot was upset, so he hung up.

Henry had lung cancer and needed money for treatment.

If it was Cole who got lung cancer, Elliot would only sigh that God has eyes. But it was Henry who was sick…

Although he and Henry had long since broken, but thinking about the care that Mrs. Foster had taken for him before, he could never be too heartless towards Henry.

“Chad, help me with something.” Elliot walked up to Chad and confessed in a low voice.

Chad: “Boss, tell me.”

“Cole said that Henry has lung cancer and needs money to treat it. You can check it tomorrow to see if this is the case.” Elliot said.

“Okay. If Henry really has lung cancer and needs money, are you going to pay him?” Chad had already guessed Elliot’s thoughts and decisions, and Chad mentioned him as worthless, “Boss, did you forget about the father and son? How did the two treat you before? You and Avery’s last wedding was destroyed by them.”

“I never forgot.” Elliot’s expression became cold, “I won’t give them money directly. Let a third party borrow money and give it to them. If Cole can’t make it in the later stage, let him try the methods of the debt collection company.”

Chad nodded: “This is not bad. It can help Henry indirectly without letting them. It’s cheap.”

Elliot: “Just do it like this.”

Chad: “Okay. You and Avery have a good honeymoon, and don’t worry about other things.”

Elliot: “Well.”

Avery walked straight towards him.

“Elliot, just now Cole sent me a message to borrow money. I scolded him.” Avery put on her makeup again, and her facial features were more delicate and moving.

“He called me.” Elliot told Avery about Henry, “I’ll let Chad handle this matter, you don’t have to worry.”

Avery: “Well. Don’t give them money for nothing. As long as I think of them, I get angry.”

“Don’t be angry. It’s not worth it for this kind of person.” Elliot’s mood has recovered, “Mrs. Cooper has already packed the luggage. We Now go talk to children!”

“I’ll just talk. I’m afraid that Robert will make trouble and you will be soft-hearted.” Avery patted him on the shoulder, and then walked towards the children.

Elliot watched from a distance.

Avery walked up to Robert first and told Robert about it. I saw Robert immediately pouted and hugged Avery with both hands, arguing and refusing to agree.

Avery squatted, and after coaxing her son for a while, Layla came over and carried Robert away.

Then Avery said a few words to Hayden, and Hayden nodded.

Even if this matter was completely discussed with the three children.

After Avery got it done, she made an OK gesture in Elliot’s direction.

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