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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2366 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2366


Avery fell into a daze when she heard the phone ring.

Not the sound of incoming calls.

She was thinking about marrying Elliot today and couldn’t sleep for too long, so she woke up from her sleep after struggling for a while.

She turned her head and saw that Elliot was no longer by her side.

“This guy… doesn’t call me every time.” Avery muttered, sitting up from the bed.

She found the phone and turned it on to check the time. But there was new information.

Open the information, it was a verification information.

She completely deleted Cole’s social friends.

She hadn’t contacted Cole for several years, but she never expected that Cole would brazenly add her.

The reason why she recognized the account as Cole was not only because the verification information was written, but also because the avatar and account name of the account had not changed.

Avery struggled in her heart for a while, and clicked the accept button almost unexpectedly.

Cole seemed to have been waiting for her consent. After she agreed, he immediately sent a message: [Avery, I saw the news that you and Elliot are getting married today, congratulations!]

Avery: [You added me just to tell me this?]

Cole: [Avery, I know you don’t want to hear what I say now, but I’m really desperate… My dad is sick and needs some money to save his life, but I can’t come up with it…]

Avery knew that she must have nothing to do with him!

Avery: [What about the money you sold the old house before?]

Cole: [No more.]

Avery: [Oh.]

Avery had nothing to say except ‘oh’.

With hundreds of millions of dollars spent so quickly, Cole had some skills.

Cole: [I know I’m incompetent, but I have a big heart. I’ve learned enough lessons! Avery, I just ask you to lend me some money now, I can’t watch my father die of illness…]

Avery: [Is your father angry with you?]

Cole: […]

Avery: [Cole, you are not too young, why are you so naive? You have done all the bad things, and even nearly killed Elliot. I wish you were hit by a car when you went out. Why do you dare to borrow money from me? Why do you think I’ll lend you money?]

Cole looked at this text, his cheeks were hot, and he didn’t know how to reply.

Avery continued to send a message: [Have you borrowed money from Elliot? Or just looking for me?]

Cole thought Avery was softened, and immediately replied: [I didn’t look for him. He won’t give me money.]

Avery: [I won’t give you money either. If you dare to come to me, or dare to make a crooked idea, then you are ready to suffer the consequences.]

Cole was completely heartbroken.

It seemed that there was no money available from Avery.

Cole’s body was tense, and despair came spontaneously.

He looked at the road in front of him with cars coming and going, and had an urge to rush up.

He really wanted to die.

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