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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2363 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2363

Mike was really happy to see him, so he won’t hit him anymore.

The two walked out of the hotel’s main entrance, looked past the security guards guarding the door, and saw a paparazzi squatting with a camera not far away.

“When I came down with my boss, the security guard told us a lot of paparazzi.” Chad said, “If I were a paparazzi, I would not come here to stand guard. Obviously, there is no news here.”

“Then where are you going to squat?” Mike asked.

Chad: “I don’t squat anywhere. Since people didn’t release the news, it means they don’t want to be photographed, so how can they let the paparazzi take pictures.”

Mike: “So you’re not a paparazzi. You can’t do the paparazzi with your thinking.”

“Haha.” Chad With a sneer, he looked around.

When meeting someone’s gaze, the other party was obviously stunned for a moment, then immediately turned his back.

Chad felt that the man’s face was a little familiar, but he couldn’t remember who he was or what his relationship was with him for a while.

“Aren’t you dizzy? Let’s go eat ice cream! It’s so cool to eat ice cream in winter.” Mike took Chad to buy ice cream.

Chad was just pulled away.

When he bought the ice cream, Chad still didn’t remember who the person he saw just now was.

“I just saw a person outside the hotel door. It’s a little familiar.” Chad said to Mike, “Let’s go to the hotel door now and have a look!”

“You’ve seen so many people, isn’t it normal for a person to be familiar?” Mike felt no need to make a fuss.

“No, after seeing that person, I had an ominous premonition in my heart. That person must not be a good person, otherwise I wouldn’t have been thinking about his face…” Chad said this, his mind In a flash, he remembered the name of that person, “Cole Foster! That person is Cole Foster! I said why he looks so familiar! It’s him!”

If Cole Foster was still the same as before, Chad would not think so. It took him a while to remember his name.

Cole used to dress up politely and very cleanly.

But Cole, who Chad saw just now, had a mustache, and he didn’t dress very well, so he looked a little down.

“That guy isn’t dead yet!” Mike strode along with Chad towards the hotel door.

“It’s not because of his father’s relationship! His father is not as bad as him! Before they showed their wolf ambitions, my boss and his father had a good relationship. How can I put it, my boss and his father have been a good relationship for decades after all, although It’s not biological, but I didn’t know it wasn’t biological before!”

“This guy Elliot is very ruthless when he is ruthless, but sometimes he is very indecisive!” If Mike is Elliot, Cole is a bad guy who doesn’t know how to die. How many times!

“He must be out of money, and he wants to come to my boss for money!” Chad thought of this and couldn’t eat ice cream anymore.

He stuffed Mike with the ice cream and trotted all the way to the door of the hotel.

Where he saw Cole just now, there is no Cole figure anymore.

“He actually ran away!” Chad put his hands on his h-i-p-s, panting.

Mike caught up with two ice creams and saw Cole running away, so he handed Chad’s ice cream to him.

“Let’s run away! What kind of threat can he pose to your boss now?” Mike wasn’t worried at all.

“I’m not worried that he will threaten my boss… I’m afraid that he will disgust my boss! My boss is getting married today, and I don’t want my boss to be disgusted.” Chad said, “You think he is just disgusting My boss? He can still disgust Avery!”

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