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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2362 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2362

Elliot knew that Avery had the habit of taking a lunch break. If Avery didn’t sleep, she might not be able to take it in the afternoon.

Avery: “You got up so early this morning, aren’t you tired yet?”

Elliot was a little tired. If it wasn’t for entertaining guests, he would definitely rest for a while now.

“We are married and there are so many guests here…” Avery said worriedly.

“I’ll entertain the guests, you go to bed.” Elliot took Avery’s hand and took her to the lounge, “Even if you can’t sleep, it’s better to lie down for a while. Don’t you like wearing high heels? Your feet must be hurting now, right?”

I’m a little tired. But I’m more happy. Even if I stand in high heels for a day, I’m happy.” Avery laughed, with stars in her eyes, “Let’s rest together! How about a half-hour break?”

Elliot: “Okay.”

“Usually Robert sticks to us so much at home, but I didn’t expect that there would be children playing with us today, so he ignored us.” Avery couldn’t help laughing, “I called Robert at that time, he heard it, but he glanced at me and ignored me.”

Elliot chuckled, “Sad?”

“I’m not sad anymore. It’s good for him to have such a good time with the children.” Avery said.

At that time, the makeup artist came over.

“Miss Tate, are you going to rest? Would you like to take off your headgear first?” The makeup artist said carefully.

“Okay, thank you!” Avery entered the rest room, and the makeup artist helped Avery to sit down in the chair.

“Miss Tate, you’re too kind. I was originally here to serve you today. Would you like to change your dress too? Otherwise, it might not be so comfortable to sleep in a dress.” The makeup artist continued.

Avery didn’t bring pajamas. The point was that she only planned to rest for half an hour, so it was a little troublesome to change her dress.

Avery: “No, I don’t sleep too long. After all, I’m getting married today.”

The makeup artist: “Yes.”


The hotel’s backyard.

Mike came downstairs and found Chad.

After Chad saw Mike, he immediately showed a bright smile.

Mike did not expect Chad to be such a person.

“I thought you were loyal to Elliot and had nothing to do with your interests!” Mike teased, “I didn’t expect it to be for his money! If Elliot saw you like this, he would probably be dizzy. You really know how to pretend!”

“I’ll sew up your mouth sooner or later!” The smile on Chad’s face disappeared, “Shouldn’t you be happy with my promotion? If you’re not happy, it’s too hypocritical! Come on, let’s go out for a breath! I-I’m still dizzy now.”

“Okay! Everyone in the banquet hall had a good time anyway.” Mike was originally helping Avery entertain the guests, but the guests were almost arranged.

Gossip chatting, entertainment, the children also had a good time.

“Isn’t it because Brother Ben and Jun are watching! In fact, everyone is familiar with it, and it’s fine without entertaining.” Chad felt light, “I really didn’t expect the boss to give me a promotion. After all, I’m still so young, the boss Just let me be the vice president… The boss really values ​​me too much! I will work hard in the future and live up to the boss’s expectations for me!”

Mike ‘tsk tsk’ a few times: “I didn’t want you to be a Sterling. The vice president of the group is just the vice president of the Tate Industries branch, look at you!”

“That branch is developing very well! Don’t underestimate it.” Chad said seriously, “Anyway, I’m very happy, no matter what you say, I’m happy. I still know how much I weigh myself. If the boss asks me to be the vice president of Sterling Group, I don’t dare to give me ten courage.”

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