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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2358 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2358

Aryadelle Airport.

Norah and Sasha came out of the airport.

They had officially met, and after discussion, they decided to find Haze together, and the benefits they would get in the future would be divided into half.

The woman who bought Haze in Yonroeville at the beginning certainly did not buy Haze simply because she liked children.

She must had a reason.

No matter what the reason was, in order to achieve her goal, she must contact Elliot and Avery.

So Norah and Sasha returned to Aryadelle and decided to wait for it.

They guessed that the woman who bought Haze might be right under the eyes of Elliot and Avery.

The two came out of the airport and got into a taxi.

Norah turned on the phone and immediately saw the good news of Elliot and Avery getting married today.

“What a coincidence, the two of them are having a wedding today.” Norah’s tone was a little sour.

Sasha leaned back in the chair and was jet-lagged, so her tone was a little lazy: “We can’t go to the scene.”

“It’s not easy to get in, you can find someone to go in for us with a little money.” Norah said disdainfully, ” But there’s nothing to see today. The people they invited are definitely their better friends and relatives. That woman definitely won’t be able to get in.”

Sasha felt that Norah’s thinking was right.

“Norah, you say you have such a good mind, why did you get mixed up like this?” Sasha looked at Norah with a puzzled face, “If I had half your brain, I wouldn’t be so useless.”

Irony, not annoying at all.

“Sasha, you’re not bad. If you were mediocre, I wouldn’t beg to cooperate with you. Not only are you smart, but you are also very courageous. It’s just that your brain and courage are not used in the right place, that’s why your life is so bad.” Norah analyzed, “If we can get the money smoothly in this wave, then we can jointly open a store together, or do some other small business, I believe that with the two of us With the ability, there will definitely be some achievements.”

Sasha had tossed for most of her life and didn’t want to toss anymore.

“You better find someone else to partner with! I just want to retire… It would be better if I could go back to my hometown to retire.” Sasha said this, her eyes were a little sore, “I can’t remember how many years I haven’t returned. I have passed my hometown. I don’t know what happened to my parents and my grandparents… My grandparents are definitely gone… My mother is not in good health and may not be here…”

Norah was a little overwhelmed when she saw Sasha burst into tears.

“Forget it, there’s nothing to go back to my hometown. My family is gone, so I don’t have much interest in going back. I might as well find a strange place to stay.” Sasha said to herself, took a deep breath, and raised her hand Wipe the tears off her face.

“Sasha, don’t be so pessimistic. Let me tell you a person, you may not know her, but you will know when I say this. She is Avery’s stepmother. Before Avery’s father died, she was a housewife at home. Norah took out Wanda’s deeds and inspired Sasha, “Wanda should be older than you. But can you imagine how high her previous achievements were? Her previous company’s market value was tens of billions.”

Sasha: “Where she is now?”

“Dead.” Norah said calmly, “What I asked you to learn is Wanda’s middle-aged business courage. She was assassinated because she killed Avery’s mother. In the future, as long as we don’t Go provoke them, we will make money silently, and they will definitely not touch us.”

Sasha looked tangled: “Let’s talk about it when we get the money! I’m afraid they will find Haze before us.”

Norah said, “Sasha, do you want to live in my house? Or I’ll rent you a house in my community. We live closer, so we can take care of you.”

Sasha: “Then I’ll rent a house in the community where you live! I still have a lot of money you gave me before.”

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