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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2356 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2356

News pops up in the notification bar.

Coincidentally, the news was about his and Avery’s wedding today.

After his and Avery’s wedding was on the news today, some friends who didn’t receive the invitation sent him messages to congratulate him.

Elliot glanced at it, the information was several times more than in the morning.

In the banquet hall, there was a commotion.

It’s not a chaotic mess, but a lively mess.

Jun wanted to change Ultraman’s leather jacket, but his daughter did not allow him to change it.

The reason why Kara didn’t allow him to take it off was because her father was so handsome now that all the children surrounded him, which made Kara feel very proud.

For the sake of his daughter, Jun could only continue to play Ultraman bitterly.

Jun held Kara and walked around in the banquet hall, making Kara feel the feeling of being surrounded by stars.

“I also want my dad to be an Ultraman.” Robert followed the other children and followed Jun.

“Brother Robert, your father is the groom today. He can’t change from Ultraman.” Maria tugged at the corner of Robert’s clothes and said softly.

“Your father is not the groom, you can make your father an Ultraman.” Robert told Maria.

Be careful.

At this time, Lilly said, “I don’t want Dad to become Ultraman! Dad is better than Ultraman.” Like Maria, Lilly called Wesley and Shea her parents.

When she first arrived at Wesley’s house, Lilly didn’t dare to shout like that. After living together for a few days, she felt that they were really good to her, so she naturally followed Maria to call them.

“Sister is right! I don’t want my dad to become an Ultraman! If my dad becomes an Ultraman, will he fly away? If he flies away, he won’t be my dad anymore. I don’t want my dad flew away.” Maria echoed.

This question made Robert think seriously: “I made my father an Ultraman during the day and my father at night.”

Maria was stunned: “Brother Robert, what you think is so beautiful!”

Lilly covered her mouth and smiled.

Robert’s face flushed red.

On the other side, Layla pulled Eric and asked Eric to talk about his recent life.

“I haven’t worked for two months, but after the New Year’s Day holiday, I have to work.” Eric said lazily, “On days when I don’t have to go to work, besides sleeping, I just eat. I started to lose weight a week ago, fortunately It went relatively smoothly, and the weight loss was successful…”

Layla: “Uncle Eric, I have never seen you gain weight!”

“I have gained about ten pounds.” Eric said helplessly, “Actually, I am easy to gain weight. As long as I don’t work, I will basically gain weight. But after I gain weight, it is not very obvious. Because I usually don’t have a fat face.”

“Uncle Eric, do you sleep every day? Didn’t you go shopping?” Layla said, and remembered something, “My mother said you had a blind date before, did you succeed in your blind date?”

If it wasn’t for Layla, Eric would have forgotten about it.

He tried hard to recall Maggie’s appearance, but he didn’t remember it at all.

Because he and Maggie never formally met.

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