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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2353 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2353

“You let go of my mother!” Layla’s voice was sharp and angry.

Mike and Hayden stood up from their seats almost at the same time and strode towards Layla.

Mike: “Layla, you come back!”

“I don’t! They scratched Mommy! Didn’t you hear Mommy screaming?” Layla said angrily, and strode onto the stage.

After Mike strode onto the stage, he hugged Layla horizontally.

“I’ll let them take it easy, don’t interfere with your dad’s appearance.” Mike coaxed Layla, walked to the two ‘monsters’ at the same time, and whispered, “Take it easy, don’t hurt the bride.”

The monster’s staff was very helpless.

They didn’t work too hard!

Avery said awkwardly: “Layla, mom is fine. Mom was frightened just now.”

Avery had adjusted her emotions and she guessed that it was acting!

Now that two monsters have kidnapped her, it’s time for the groom to come on stage and save her! Then they can have the ceremony! After thinking about it like this, she thought it was quite interesting.

It’s just that when she heard Robert’s whimper under the stage and Layla ran up to help herself in distress, she was not only moved, but also distressed that the child was frightened.

After Layla was carried off the stage by Mike, Elliot in the backstage breathed a sigh of relief.

“Who planned this?! It’s really bad! Not only did it frighten my wife, but it also frightened my two children!” Elliot blamed Ben, “If you let me know this is how my wedding is going to be one day earlier, I can change it in advance!”

Ben: “I’ll explain it to them later, maybe they want to do it again! How fun! How fun! How fun are the guests under the stands, how happy they are?!”

The guests offstage did laugh happily, but Robert had tears on his face, and Layla’s face was full of anger… How could Elliot bear it?

“Elliot, you have to bear with it. When your child sees you appear, promise not to cry!” Ben patted him on the shoulder, making him think about it, “There are so many guests watching, let’s not scan it. Everyone’s happiness. You can see that Avery’s emotions have been adjusted, which means that she thinks the design is ok.”

Elliot: “I suspect that you are deliberately harassing us.”

Ben: “How is it possible?! What are we doing to harass you? …But I’m still very happy to see your performance hahahaha!”

Elliot: “…”

Ben laughed too loudly!


In the banquet hall, there was a deep voice: “The beautiful princess, kidnapped by the devil! To rescue the beautiful princess, we need to shout together. I count to three, we shout together, looking forward to the handsome The knights are on the stage!”

“Three, two, one…”

Everyone at the scene screamed and shouted together, the lights in the banquet hall flickered on and off, and after a few flashes, there were suddenly two more on the stage. figure!

One of the characters is—— “Ultraman! That’s Ultraman!” There were children at the scene who exclaimed in surprise!

Another character is — “Mom! That big dinosaur is so scary! Hey! I’m so scared!” A little girl jumped into her mother’s arms and didn’t dare to look at the stage.

On the stage, Avery, who was kidnapped by two monsters, was stunned.

What about the knights?

How was it not the same as imagined!

“Huh? Where’s our handsome knight? Where did he go? Is he going to abandon the beautiful princess?” The thick voice continued, “Since the knight was scared away by the monster, then our guests at the scene will take care of the beautiful princess. Let the princess choose the hero who can save her!”

“Ultraman! Ultraman! Mom! Choose Ultraman!” Robert screamed, “Ultraman can kill monsters!”

Other children and Robert had the same status and choices.

Avery stood on the stage, very close to Ultraman and dinosaurs.

She knew that Elliot was on stage now.

However, was Elliot an Ultraman or a dinosaur?

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  1. Stupid wedding, now we have to wait and who knows what’s going to happen 🤬🤬🤬 can’t just let them have the wedding and a happy ending with their children freaking ridiculous 🤬

    1. Agreed. This is so fucking off the charts stupid I can’t find enough words to describe the stupidity. All those pages of bullshit. SMFH

  2. Catherine Macpherson

    What a load of rubbish
    Is this even the same author who started writing this book it is getting more ridiculous as it goes on 🤨

  3. The wedding is a joke!!! It started just fine … why would they have a role play in a wedding ??? Tammy and the rest of the wedding planner are just plain stupid!!

    1. How ridiculous is this. I truly enjoyed this book for the whole first half. Then it started with all the dumb plots. Blindness, erasing memories with surgery, fetuses removed from wombs, babies growing in sacks, flying cars, and resurrection. This book started out has a love story between two people with family issues and difficulties. Please get back to the realistic love story and stop the nonsense. I get the author wants to stretch the book, but damsels in distress wedding scenario is really to much.

    1. Completely stupid hopefully they won’t come us with more bullshit🤬🤬🤬I wish they would bring Haze in and surprise them and end this freaking book

  4. Hahahaha loving the wedding so much, I have read this is a tradition in China for weddings. The bride is kinapped by the groom’s friends and she is supposed to be saved by her groom, and only then he can marry her, if not I dont know what happens lol. Cant wait to see whats coming next.

    1. Hahaha!!! The very first hilarious and entertaining wedding I’ve ever imagined of. The kids are excited with Ultraman. No complain. Just go with the flow. 😂

  5. Is this acting part of Chinese tradition? I guess make up for men is !!! Every time they talk about pictures everyone wears make up 😂😂😂

    1. This is so freaking crazy there is an app that have all Chinese names for Avery and Elliot and everyone, this app has nothing in Chinese so why not make the wedding American like all the characters. Also chapters are multiple pages not one freaking page per chapter. What a waste of chapters and time. Fuck you fake ass author with your confused lost and pathetic self. End this freaking story, where the hell is Haze now. The author is so confused doesn’t even know what is important in the story

  6. Does anyone even remember where this book started? The plot, the characters? How normal it was? At some point it just flipped and became ridiculous. Poor writing, short chapters, just horrible all around. I really hope the author has a day job. Avery being talked into marrying a comotose elliot by Mrs. Foster, thinking she was in love with Cole and finding out he betrayed her. There have been so many storyline changes, so many characters with no storyline, characters completely forgotten about with no resolution to their story, I could go on and on. This is seriously the worst Novel I have ever read. The last 1000 or so “chapters” have been pure nonsense. Entire chapters about dumplings?? Now it is all about getting someone to click on the website to get ads. Personally, I think one of two things has happened. Your translator is the author or the author quit writing the book and hasn’t updated and the translator is attempting to finish the book. The writing style changed dramatically and all of the other books on this site – stopped being updated. But rhe other books are still being updated on other sites. This book isnt found on other sites.

    1. The book is on a Chinese site, but the last chapter I found just now after I went to check is chapter 2275. You might be right about the translator trying to finish the book. Either way, these last chapters were a complete waste of time.

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