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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2348 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2348

Avery thought about it and guessed: “Is it Ben?”

Tammy waved her finger: “You guess again.”

Avery: “Gwen?”

Tammy: “No.”

“Mike!” Avery thought it must be Mike.

“If it was Mike, I wouldn’t ask you this question at all. You can guess the answer you might not have guessed.” Tammy pretended to be mysterious.

Avery used her brain and began to guess: “Brother Wesley? Shea? Or… your husband? It’s definitely not you, right? If it were you, I wouldn’t be too surprised.”

Tammy: “No…No…No, Keep guessing!”

Avery: “You give me a hint!”

“The person who pays is not an adult.” Tammy gave a hint.

“Hayden!” After Avery got the prompt, she guessed right at once, “right?”

“If I didn’t prompt, you would definitely not have guessed.” Tammy said, “Hayden hated Elliot before! Now! What does it mean that he actually paid for a diamond ring for you? It means that he accepted Elliot! If Elliot knew this, he would be very happy.”

“Yeah! I’ll tell Elliot later.” Avery’s joy was beyond words. She didn’t expect this wedding to be brought together by so many people. The significance was far greater than she imagined.

“I’m going to see Elliot.” Tammy said, looking at the time, “I’m really afraid that Elliot is picky about this wedding, I have to settle him.”

Avery: “You just tell Elliot that our wedding ring today is Hayden. He bought it, I guarantee he won’t pick anything.”

“Okay!” Tammy said and walked out.

As soon as Tammy came out, she ran into Layla who was standing in the living room in her pajamas.

Layla’s face was not sober. After seeing Tammy, she immediately pulled her: “Auntie Tammy, my parents are getting married today?”

Tammy: “Yes! You are going to dress up beautifully today! Because there are many guests and your favorite Uncle Eric is also here.”

“Ahhh!” Layla screamed, penetrating the entire villa.

In the room, Robert and Kara were awakened.

The two children opened their eyes, and when they saw each other, the expressions on their faces were stunned.

“Woooooo… Where’s my mother?” Kara’s hair was sleeping like a chicken coop. The unfamiliar environment made her feel insecure, so her eyes suddenly filled with crystal tears.

Robert wanted to cry too, but because this was an environment he was familiar with, he held back.

“Sister Kara, don’t cry! I’ll take you to find your mother!” Robert took the initiative to hug Kara, who was crying into tears.

After Kara sniffed, she wiped all the tears and snot on Robert’s pajamas, and the crying gradually stopped.

Robert took Kara out of the bed, and then took Kara out of the room.

There were thumping footsteps from the stairs, and the two little guys stood there, waiting for someone to come up.

After a while, they saw that the person who came up was Layla, and immediately ran towards Layla.

“Sister! Where is Sister Kara’s mother? She wants to see her mother!” Robert took her sister’s hand and spoke anxiously.

Kara also grabbed Layla and said: “Sister Layla, I found out that I was sleeping with brother Robert, so I cried.”

Layla looked at the pitiful Kara and immediately picked her up: ” Your mother is down there! My parents are getting married today, and they are very busy. Come with me, and I will show you.”

“Hey, but I’m so hungry!” Kara pursed her mouth and took a deep breath.

Layla immediately instructed Robert: “Brother, go to the kitchen and get something to eat for Sister Kara.”

Robert immediately went downstairs quickly.

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