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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2346 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2346

“Come here, I’ll tell you slowly.” Tammy pulled Avery to sit down in the chair, and then instructed Elliot, “Don’t watch here, hurry upstairs to change your morning gown. The morning gown that Gwen gave you last time.”

Elliot fully understood that they were planning to hold a wedding for him and Avery today.

Elliot went upstairs quickly, found Jun’s number, and dialed it.

“Brother Elliot, you should have met Tammy, ​​right? It’s like this…” Jun told him everything, “The reason why I didn’t tell you about it in advance was because I was afraid After the news spread, someone would destroy it. So no one notified us in advance, and we were the only ones who knew about it.”

Elliot: “Who came up with this bad idea?”

Even if they were for his own good, he still felt bad.

“Ahem, Tammy and Gwen came up with it. Brother Ben’s parents prepared it for Brother Ben and Gwen for the wedding… I hope you don’t dislike being too shabby. In fact, the two of them are also kind. Wasn’t that your wedding ruined before? Even if you don’t feel sorry, Avery must be somewhat regretful. As long as Avery likes it, you can cooperate a little bit!”

Jun was really good at focusing on the key points.

What Elliot cared most about now was Avery’s feelings. As long as Avery liked it, what else couldn Elliot say?

“Where is today’s wedding held? What is the process? Send it to me quickly.” Elliot wanted to quickly understand the wedding.

Otherwise, he would be in a hurry next time, wasn’t it a joke?

Jun: “Oh, okay, I’ll let Brother Ben send it to you.”

“Forget it, I’ll call him directly.” After Elliot finished speaking, he hung up the phone and dialed Ben Schaffer.

Ben replied in seconds: “Elliot, have you woken up? Tammy has passed, right? You should know it?”

“If I told you, didn’t I betray them? This is Gwen and Tammy’s idea. If I can betray Tammy, can I betray Gwen? I haven’t married Gwen yet!” Ben felt wronged, he said, “You can be considerate of me!”

Elliot got goosebumps: “Send me the wedding process!”

“Uh…you can find Chad! I only have the original version here. He took it to revise. I may not have saved his revised version. After all, it wasn’t me who got married…” Ben sighed, “I really envy you, no matter when you get married, you will always be ahead of me.”

Elliot didn’t want to hear word, so he hung up the phone.

The First floor.

Avery invited the staff to the bedroom on the first floor. She was wearing a dressing gown, sitting in front of the vanity mirror, and the makeup artist started to apply her makeup.

The photographer carried the camera and followed the shot.

There were other staff members accompanying, all eyes on Avery’s face.

“I almost forgot the process of my last marriage.” Avery felt a little awkward, so she took the initiative to speak.

“I still remember!” Tammy sat next to him eating snacks while watching the excitement, “Elliot took us all to the resort before your wedding.”

“Oh, it seems.” Avery had a little impression, “Elliot is indeed too high-profile. It would be great if he was like this now.”

“Miss Tate, if Mr. Foster comes to prepare the wedding, I’m afraid we won’t be able to choose us to do your makeup.” The makeup artist laughed and joked, ” We were all very happy to learn that we were going to serve you.”

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