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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2343 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2343

After all, the doctor said it was difficult for her to conceive a child before.

“Tammy, ​​I won’t give birth anymore.” Shea comforted Tammy.

“So I let Maria live hahaha! I see that Robert is the only boy in his generation, and I feel that Robert will be brought by a few girls to be more like a girl.” Tammy didn’t care. She couldn’t have a baby herself.

After all, Tammy already had Kara, and she was satisfied.

“What’s wrong with being a girl. Be gentle like a girl! Isn’t it good that Robert is gentle? Robert is a little warm boy. Boys with this kind of personality will be easy to find in the future.” Gwen still didn’t want to give birth to a son, she added, “I will have another daughter then, and four girls will surround Robert. Haha!”

“Gwen, the child can be of whatever gender you want. Let it be.” Avery finished, looked at Tammy with a smile, “Also, I think what Gwen said makes sense, Robert will indeed be infected by the warm side of girls when he plays with girls. But no matter whether he is a warm boy or a cold boy, I like them all. As for finding a partner, it’s still early!”

“Robert is still early, but Hayden is late. Hey! Hayden, did you meet a girl you like at school?” Looking at Hayden with a gossip face Tammy asked, “If you meet a girl you like, don’t be shy. You are so rich and handsome, so chasing girls isn’t easy? No one can resist you.”

Avery and Elliot: “…”

In their eyes, Hayden was still a child!

Hayden put down the tableware and looked at Tammy calmly: “Auntie Tammy, our classmates are basically ten years older than me.”

Tammy: “…” Yes Tammy was careless, but it doesn’t seem like a big deal in today’s society to be ten years older, “It’s okay to be ten years older! It just so happens that you are more mature, so finding a girl is very suitable for you!”

Jun couldn’t listen anymore: “Tammy, ​​you didn’t drink alcohol? Why are you talking nonsense? When the time comes, our family Kara will find someone ten years older, will you be happy?”

Tammy: “I don’t mind if our daughter is ten years younger! If I hadn’t married you, I would definitely have found a younger one.”

Jun: “Shut up!”

At 9:00 p.m., everyone left one after another.

Before Tammy left, she took Avery’s hand and repeatedly warned: “Avery, you and your husband go to bed early at night. You must not stay up late.”

Avery: “Why?” She might not be able to sleep at night.

Tammy racked her brains: “Because I will bring Kara to quarrel with you very early tomorrow.”

“It’s okay! You come to play with Robert, we can’t hear the sound in the bedroom.” Avery thought of Kara and Robert. She made an appointment to play together.

“Oh, just don’t stay up all night. If you have to stay up late, don’t turn off your mobile phones, okay?” Tammy retreated and asked.

Elliot saw something was wrong: “Tammy, what are you trying to say? You are very strange tonight. You talk a lot and it’s all nonsense.”

Tammy said: “Forget it! I won’t tell you! Come early tomorrow!”

The next day, 6:00 in the morning.

Avery’s cell phone rang.

Avery picked up the phone with a sullen face, and squinted at the screen.

Elliot was awakened at the same time. He picked up the phone and checked the time. But he saw countless messages popping up on his phone.

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    1. Agree.. too blabber and laser mouth. Thing is, she thinks she is smart and clever. Giving stupid advices. Can’t imagine how she laughed like a goose’s cries! Huh!! In chapter 2342..

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