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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2341 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2341

After thinking for a while, Sasha responded.

“Sasha, can you tell me, what are the clues you have? I can find Haze with you.” Norah thought she had a clue, “You don’t have to be too specific…”

“I tried to get in touch with my accomplices in Yonroeville. I said that if I found Haze, I would let Elliot rescue them all. So one of them told me a clue. This clue is not a good clue. …”

When Sasha said this, she paused.

If the clues were good to break through, Sasha would not have found Haze yet.

“What you said, I want to know more about this clue.” Norah felt itchy, “Sasha, just tell me! I’ll look for it with you. If I find Haze, I will definitely benefit you. The two of us are now on the same boat, otherwise you can say a few bad things about me in front of Elliot, and Elliot will definitely not let me get a penny of benefits.”

Norah’s words made Sasha feel somewhat reasonable.

“The person who bought Haze has a scar on the inside of the wrist.” Sasha told the clue.

Norah: “What scar? Birthmark or wound scar?”

Sasha: “The kind of scar left by cutting the wrist to commit suicide.”

Norah gasped: “Is that person a man or a woman?”

“I won’t tell you this yet. We’ll talk about it when we meet another day.” Sasha deliberately sold off.

“Okay. In order to show my sincerity, you can decide when and where to meet.” Norah showed all her sincerity.

That was her last fight.

Whether it could be successful or not depends on this time.

“Okay.” Sasha felt the sincerity of her cooperation.

In fact, when Sasha told Norah the clue, Sasha had already made a choice.

Sasha only had this last chance to change her life against the sky.

In a flash, it was New Year’s Eve.

Hayden and Mike came back from Bridgedale to witness the wedding of Avery and Elliot.

Of course, they were tight-lipped about this matter, and didn’t tell Avery and Elliot anything.

After Hayden came back, friends came to Foster’s house to have dinner in the name of Hayden.

“Are you guys so happy?” Avery felt more and more strange seeing them smiling brightly, “Hayden came back last time, didn’t you meet him? It’s not too long since he came back last time!”

“Avery, aren’t you happy?” Mike smiled kindly, “Hey, thinking about tomorrow—”

“Mike, shut up! Don’t talk.” Tammy was afraid that Mike would say the surprise in advance, so she interrupted him.

23 thoughts on “When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2341 By Naijdate.Com”

  1. The only person I know who try to commit suicide is Tammy? Who else? That’s the one who has Haze, that’s what Sasha said. Who else try to commit suicide?

      1. Will this story continue for another 2k chapters? Getting bored. Don’t drag, please. Almost all amount of curiosity is extinguished due to this endless dragging and diversions!

      1. I hope it’s not Tammy, but who could it be I’m trying to think back. Could it be that Haze mom was never killed? She try to do everything to keep Elliot but nothing work. Sasha also said the person is from the group that only Elliott can save if they give Haze back to him. Remember Elliott has friends back there too, could it be one of them? Who gas a scar??????????????? Cole and Henry?? oh hell it could be someone that we completely forgot about I hate this not knowing. Who else is rich? Besides Elliott and Avery?

        1. The woman who has Haze said that Lorenzo would not have died if Elliott was there. So it has to be a lover of Lorenzo, mother or sister, seeking revenge

    1. You’re right Sasha did too, still she doesn’t have Haze who could it be? This story is getting so confusing. Remember Lilibeth Elliott’s half sister she lost her baby and she did try to kill herself too. The one (he/she) that has Haze has a big scar on the arm. Who the hell could it be???????????????????????????????????????????

      1. Faz sentido,pois ela não é mencionada ao encontrarem os corpos, porém o Nyck diz que toda família e até os empregados foram mortos ao dar a notícia a Elliot.

    1. Zoe foi assassinada pela a outra que tbm se matou,saltando do telhado,mas pode ser aquela que fez plástica pra ficar parecida com Avery,ela tbm tentou suicídio depois de ficar desfigurada.

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