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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2340 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2340

“Norah, have you got the Jones family’s inheritance?” Sasha’s voice came over the phone.

Norah took a breath and sneered: “No. I was kicked out by a few of them. It’s really embarrassing. I digested it all day and couldn’t digest it.”

Sasha was stunned for a moment. She didn’t expect Norah to fail.

In Sasha’s opinion, Norah was a woman like a fox.

Not only smart and cunning, but also cruel.

“I know you won’t cooperate with me again. Because I don’t have much money to give you, I will even have a problem with my own livelihood in the future… I thought that if I killed Travis, I would be able to live a good life. Thinking about it, life is still a puddle of mud.” Norah took a deep breath in frustration.

“You are betraying my misery!” Sasha sneered, “No matter how miserable you are, can I be miserable? You don’t even know what my life is like.”

“Didn’t I transfer you a lot of money? That money is enough for you to buy a house and live in any country.” Norah wondered.

“I dare not do this. What if you want to kill me? I can’t stay in one place for a long time.” Sasha didn’t hesitate, “But I don’t worry about you dealing with me now. After all, Elliot and the others already knew that it was you who bought me.”

“Don’t talk about it.” Norah felt ashamed, “I blame myself. I have too much ambition and not enough ability. My heart is higher than the sky, and my life is thinner than paper.”

“I’m very angry to hear you say this. You have at least lived a decent life, and I haven’t lived a decent life for a day.” Sasha seemed to be touched, and the chatterbox opened, “You always think I have The news of Haze, if I really have news about Haze, why don’t I go to Elliot directly and ask Elliot to benefit me? Am I stupid? Even if I can’t trust Elliot, but I have met Avery, Avery is a good person, I-I can feel it. Her words must count. She told me at the beginning that if I could tell her where Haze is, she would not only save my life, but also give me money. Am I stupid, I don’t talk to her Cooperation, I will cooperate with you?”

When Norah heard Sasha’s words, she was greatly disappointed, and the wine was instantly sober.

A while ago, in order to find Sasha, she transferred a lot of money to Sasha.

This money was regarded as meat buns beating dogs with no return.

Sasha would definitely not return it to herself.

“Sasha, you really can deceive people! If I get the inheritance of the Jones family, will you continue to deceive?” Norah sneered, “When I think that I gave you so much money in vain, my heart’s bleeding.”

Sasha: “You want to transfer it to me yourself. I didn’t ask you to give it to me. When you transferred the money to me, I didn’t say a word. How can you blame me now? When did I tell you that I know Haze’s whereabouts?”

Sasha’s rebuttal left Norah speechless.

“Although I don’t know where Haze is now, I’m not completely clueless.” Seeing Norah not speaking, Sasha didn’t hold back, and continued, “After I escaped from Yonroeville, I’ve been looking for Haze. If I find this child, Elliot and Avery will definitely be able to forgive me and stop blaming me. “

“Do you have a clue? Then do you know where Haze is now? Sasha, let’s cooperate! Now I have nothing, and you have nothing. If we cooperate, maybe we can find Haze before Elliot and the others. Let’s make a detailed explanation. The plan is to exchange that child for Elliot for a large sum of money.” Norah suddenly regained her confidence, “If we want to get the money, we can’t show up in person. We have to find someone to show up for us.”

Sasha was a little moved when she heard her words.

“Norah, you may not know me well. I look weak and weak, but if you play with me, I’m afraid you can’t play with me. Don’t think that if you kill Travis, I will be afraid of you. I can’t count the people Sasha has killed.” Sasha thought of cooperating with Norah, but she was afraid that Norah would plot against her.

Norah: “Sasha, you don’t have to talk harshly to me. I have no money or power right now. Even if I want to plot against you, I don’t have the ability. I really want to make some money, and then find a place to hide and spend the rest of my life. .”

Sasha: “I think so too. It’s just…”

“Don’t hesitate! Let’s cooperate and make money together! When we get the money, we will split half. I promise, I won’t count on you!” Norah said sincerely, “Where are you now, let’s meet and talk! I’ll go look for it. You can come to me. If you don’t trust me, we can meet outside first.”

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