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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2339 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2339

“What you said makes sense.” Elliot benefited a lot, and then said, “Since I have no problem with the review, can I go to work? It’s too boring at home, you let me go to the company.”

“You don’t want to come back after shopping, right?” Avery joked, “If you want to work so much, then you can go!”

“I’ve gone to work, what about you?” Elliot was afraid that Avery would be bored at home alone, “Why don’t you go to work in my company with me, let’s see what position you want, and I’ll arrange it for you. We get off work together every day. Get off work, how nice!”

Avery’s scalp went numb after listening to his arrangement.

“Husband, although I like you, I’m really not interested in your work. Go to work if you want! Don’t worry about me. I’ll arrange myself.” Avery rejected his job offer.

Elliot: “Well. Then you send me to the company now.”

Avery couldn’t help laughing: “You can’t be idle for a moment!”

“I took a long rest this time.” Elliot thought of going to the company next, his eyes lit up, “I don’t feel like working, time passes too slowly. People still have to work, and work makes people…”

“Okay, don’t talk about it. Some people like to be idle. Don’t impose your ideas on others.” Avery sent him to the company, “Let the driver pick you up at night. Let’s say it first, you can’t work overtime.”

“Okay. If you’re willing to stay at home, I’ll be happier.” Elliot changed his words instantly.

After sending Elliot to the company, Avery asked the driver to drive the car to Wesley’s house.

Today Wesley rested and accompanied Shea at home.

Both children had gone to school, and the house was relatively quiet.

“Little Lilly got used to campus life so quickly?” Avery was a little surprised.

“Lilly is in the same class as Maria, and the two of them take care of her, and we have greeted the teachers in the kindergarten. The teachers take special care of Lilly. So Lilly quickly gets used to it.” Wesley replied, “You stay at night. Come down and eat, I’m in charge.”

Avery: “Okay! Let Elliot come over to eat later.”

Wesley: “Okay! Has he reviewed it?”

Avery: “Just finished the re-examination. The wound is recovering well, so I let him go to work. He can’t stay at home anymore. He has a sense of urgency in his heart. He seems to be afraid that if he doesn’t make money, our family will starve to death. Or I am afraid that I will be out of touch with society and be eliminated.”

“Is it such an exaggeration?” Wesley chuckled, “Is he used to that kind of high-pressure environment?”

“Well. So he was going to work, so I let him go. Maybe he can recover better from work.” Avery joked.


Norah passed the day in a daze.

At night, she drank most of the bottle of wine, and her reason was completely paralyzed by alcohol.

Her eyes were scarlet, she found her phone, staggered to the bathroom, and after retching for a while, she washed her face and found Sasha’s number to dial.

Sasha said before that if she could get the Jones family’s inheritance, she would talk to her about Haze in detail.

Now Norah had completely lost the qualification to get Travis’s property, there was no chance and there would be no chance in the future. Sasha would definitely ignore her.

Even though she was completely unwilling, she had to accept this cruel reality.

She was not someone who couldn’t afford to lose.

It’s just that she was in too much pain now. She couldn’t talk to her parents about this kind of pain. If she told her parents, her parents would definitely be worried.

After the phone call, she didn’t expect to be connected quickly.

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