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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2337 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2337

Avery was about to fall asleep at first, but now because of this call, she suddenly woke up again.

“Emilio doesn’t have a sense of boundaries. He can’t call you during the day? Does it have to be called late at night?” Elliot questioned, “What is Norah’s matter? Even if Travis is resurrected from the dead, it’s not a big deal. “

“Okay! Emilio was probably too happy, so he didn’t look at the time.” Avery defended Emilio’s behavior, “Emilio has completely cut off Norah’s fortune. It’s really pleasing.”

“Do you think Norah won’t think of other ways to make money?” Elliot said lightly, “Don’t put your mind on her anymore. In the future, if she dares to think about us, I will make her disappear forever.”

“Well, go to sleep! I’ll take a look at your plans for New Year’s Day tomorrow and choose one. Let’s relax.” Avery said, leaving all trivial matters and irrelevant people behind, “I will bring you tomorrow. You go to the hospital for a re-examination.”

Elliot: “Then go to sleep! I hope everything goes well tomorrow. Don’t affect our New Year’s Day trip.”

“Probably not. I think you are in good shape, so you must be fine.” Avery hugged him, “Maybe you can live longer than me in the future.”

Elliot’s mood was originally calm, but after hearing what Avery’s said, he suddenly became nervous.

Elliot: “Why do you say that? Are you sick?”

“No! I just said casually, don’t be nervous.” Avery couldn’t help laughing, “You prefer to exercise, but I don’t. As long as there are no accidents in the future, you will definitely live longer than me.”

Elliot: “Don’t think about it for so long. I’ll take you with me in the future.”

“Even if you take me with you, one of us will leave first.” Avery wanted him to look at life and death calmly. “In that case, don’t ask me to exercise with you.”

Elliot: “…”

Avery: “Let’s sleep! I prefer to sleep.”

The next morning, Avery and Elliot got up.

When the two went downstairs, they ran into their daughter.

Seeing the two of them getting up so early, Layla drummed in her heart: “Did you eat dumplings again today?”

Avery smiled: “There are no dumplings today. If there are dumplings, it’s not what your father and I made.”

“Then why are you getting up so early? If I were you, I would sleep in every day.” Layla said and walked downstairs briskly.

“Your father is going to the hospital for a re-examination today. It is estimated that he is nervous, so he woke up early.” Avery explained.

“Oh…Dad, let me accompany you to the hospital! That way you won’t be afraid.” Layla stopped and waited for them to come down.

“No need, baby. Dad isn’t so scared. The reason why Dad woke up so early is because your elder brother Hayden is coming back soon. Our family can be reunited again on New Year’s Day.” Elliot smiled and touched Layla’s head.

After breakfast, Avery accompanied Elliot to the hospital for a review.

As Avery expected, Elliot recovered better.

“Mr. Foster, you are under the care of Dr. Tate, and your recovery is better than that of ordinary patients!” The doctor laughed and teased, “As long as you don’t touch the wound, you will basically be fine. You can live and work normally! “

When Elliot heard these words, he was very happy.

Elliot: “Wife, did you hear what the doctor said?”

Seeing Avery’s face embarrassed, the doctor immediately realized something.

“That… Mr. Foster, you should mainly listen to your wife. I’m not sure what I said.” The doctor corrected immediately.

“Okay, thank you doctor.” After Avery thanked the doctor, she pulled Elliot out of the doctor’s office, “Husband, let’s discuss where to go on New Year’s Day!”

“Well. Is it still a tour within the province? In fact, we can go further.” Elliot no longer regards himself as a patient at all.

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