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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2334 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2334

Although everyone didn’t have too much affection for Travis, and when Travis was alive, everyone hated Travis’s cold-blooded ruthlessness, but after Travis’s death, everyone will also think of Travis’s goodness.

At least when they were young, their father was generous and kind to them.

“Emilio, I heard that my father had mental problems before he died. I think this is definitely the main reason why he didn’t share the property with our other children. Why we are united with Norah, we are forced to do nothing. If it weren’t for Norah, I’m afraid you won’t invite us out to talk.” The eldest sister spoke and negotiated with Emilio.

The meaning of the eldest sister was obvious.

Let Emilio know that if he doesn’t take the initiative to give up the benefits, he will lose the lawsuit when the time comes.

“I don’t know if there is any problem with my father’s spirit. After all, he really has a mental problem, and he won’t tell me.” Emilio said calmly, “The reason why I hired a lawyer today is to fight with you for a fair and reasonable analysis. How much will you get after you win the lawsuit. If you can’t trust the lawyer I hired, you can call the lawyer you can trust to come over now.”

Emilio continued, “The reason I asked you to meet today is to handle this matter well.”

After Emilio’s words were settled, the others felt silent, looked at each other, and conveyed their opinions with their eyes.

After a while, the eldest sister said, “Okay, I’ll find a lawyer. Let’s see what the sentence will be if my father is found to be mentally ill.”

“Okay. If you’re worried, you can ask for more lawyers.” Emilio said, “I don’t want the Jones family’s legacy to flow into Norah’s hands. I know that you will cooperate with her, and you will definitely benefit her. Now I will give you what you can get, which is for you, it’s actually more cost-effective.”

“Emilio, since you’re talking about this, I’m not hypocritical. I think your attitude is good. If you had this attitude early in the morning, we wouldn’t have cooperated with Norah.” The second sister said, “Then Just invite a lawyer to see how much we can share.”

The eldest sister took the phone and went to call to find a lawyer.

“Order!” Emilio handed the menu to the elder brother, “Brother, I worked with you before and learned a lot. If you want to return to the company and continue to work in the future, I will welcome you at any time.”

“No.” Caleb didn’t have time to think, he refused, “I can’t move now, and my energy is not as good as before. Even if I work, it will not be as good as before.”

“I respect your ideas. You can also not work in the future. If you have difficulties in life, feel free to follow me. Say it.” Emilio said.

“What about me? Emilio, why don’t you say such things to me?” The third sister was jealous.

“You have hands and feet, it’s really not good, you go to your husband.” Emilio said indifferently.

The third sister was silent for a while.

“Third sister, do you even have to fight with the eldest brother? Even if I give the eldest brother a little more property, I don’t care. Among us brothers and sisters, only the eldest brother contributes the most to the Jones family. If it wasn’t for the eldest brother’s accident, now the Jones family The heir is the eldest brother.” The fourth sister said.

“Okay, stop.” Emilio was afraid that these words would hurt the elder brother’s heart, “After the negotiation is completed, you should not communicate with Norah. Just delete her contact information. Don’t let her kill her in the future. I know how my father died!”

The fourth sister: “Why do you need to tell me? If Norah hadn’t said she could help us get some property back, we wouldn’t have had a relationship with her.”

“It’s only now that my thinking is clearer.” Emilio said, “You may not imagine that before our father died, he said that he would donate all his property.”

“Our father liked scaring people the most. Because this set was especially effective for us.” The second sister sneered, “Fortunately, he is dead! When he is dead, we can live like normal people! Emilio, if he is not dead, what do you think? Can you sit here and talk to us so stubbornly?”

“The most disgusting person right now is Norah. We can start our real life when Norah is kicked out.” Emilio said.

“Shouldn’t I be grateful to Norah? If Norah hadn’t killed our father, our father would probably still have to live.” The second sister teased, “Emilio, I remind you, don’t be ruthless in this society. My position is not stable. There are still some things we can learn from my father.”

Emilio: “Thank you for reminding me.”


Norah stayed up late last night, and woke up after 10 o’clock in the morning today.

After waking up, she first made herself a cup of coffee.

Today she was going to see a lawyer to talk about how the lawsuit would be fought.

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