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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2331 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2331

Avery: “Come on, husband! Our next one must be a big fish!”

Elliot: “Well, I think I have mastered a little trick.”

“Husband, you’re amazing! Let’s eat braised fish tonight!” Avery laughed, watching him throw the hook handsomely into the water.

After half an hour—

Mike Aite Avery in the group: [Avery, how many fish has your husband caught? Send us a look!]

Tammy: [Rubbing hands in excitement·jpg]

Tammy: [Watch the fun·jpg]

Jun: [Wife, can you stop being so gloating? o(╯□╰)o]

Jun was afraid that Elliot didn’t catch any fish.

After all, Avery didn’t post pictures in the group.

If Elliot had caught a big fish, with Avery’s character, she would have posted pictures in the group.

Tammy:[Which one of your eyes sees me gloating? I am definitely looking forward to it!]

Tammy: [Avery, are you still fishing? If you’re still fishing, I’ll drive over to the scene now! At that time, it will not be a problem for me to divide half of the fish I catch, right?]

Avery saw their messages.

At the same time, she glanced at the fish in the bucket.

Elliot caught several fish. However, they were all small fish.

This made Avery really embarrassed to post pictures.

Whenever Elliot caught a slightly bigger fish, she would definitely bask in the group.

She didn’t know if it’s Elliot’s technical problem or the fishing rod. In short, the big fish just won’t take the bait.

Avery was very distressed. But she couldn’t show it. Because Elliot was more distressed than Avery.

Elliot wanted to show his skills, but he encountered Waterloo. That was not a pond in the wild, but a small pond in his yard. And the pond was full of fish.

According to what Avery said before, if she went into the water, she could catch a big fish casually.

If it wasn’t for Avery watching, Elliot might have thrown away the fishing rod and went directly into the water with the net bag to catch it.

“Husband, fish slowly, don’t worry. I’ll go to the toilet.” Avery got up from the chair, said to Elliot, and walked into the room.

After Avery entered the house, she chatted with Tammy privately: [Tammy, don’t come here. He can’t catch big fish and is in a hurry! If you came, where would he put his face.]

Tammy: [Ah! what’s up? There are so many fish in your pond, how can you not catch any fish?]

It’s a good question, but Avery didn’t know how to answer it.

After Avery entered the house, Mrs. Cooper walked to Elliot’s side and glanced at the fish in the bucket.

Seeing that they were all small fish, Mrs. Cooper comforted Elliot with a good attitude: “Maybe the fish in this pond are full and not hungry, so you can’t catch big fish. Sir, why don’t we starve these fish? A few days, and then you come back to fish. You’re sure to catch a big fish by then.”

Elliot: “…”

It didn’t have to be.

Elliot fished for the pleasure of fishing, not for the real purpose of fishing.

Of course, if he couldn’t catch fish, he would definitely feel frustrated.

An hour later, Tammy drove over to watch the fun.

Although Avery told her not to come, Tammy insisted on watching the fun.

She told Avery that if Elliot couldn’t accept even this little humiliation, how could it be a big deal?

Avery thought, yes, maybe Elliot wouldn’t take their ridicule seriously at all.

As soon as Tammy came over, she immediately looked at the bucket with a smile.

Avery brought the bucket in front of Tammy and showed her.

“F*ck! Such a big bucket of fish!” Tammy was stunned, and asked Avery, “Didn’t he say that he couldn’t catch big fish? Was he caught?”

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  1. I understand that the Author is trying to add to the story but this is getting a bit redundant. Also only 4 short pages a day? Calling them chapters? I think I am going to come to my own conclusion and end the book in my mind.

  2. Yeah this has nothing to do with the story line but, I actually enjoyed reading them having fun and enjoying their lives together for a change.

  3. Siempre me gustó esta novela pero éste capítulo en particular me pareció bastante estúpido y además cada vez son más cortos. Súper larga la está haciendo el autor se ve que no sé le ocurre nada que ya escribe cualquier cosa

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