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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2325 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2325

Avery almost forgot that she called her on her own initiative.

Avery: “Tammy, ​​just now your husband called Elliot and said that there will be a cold snap, and we should not go out. I just checked it, where is the cold snap coming from? Did your husband read the weather forecast differently from ours?”

“How come it’s not a cold wave? It dropped 6 degrees on New Year’s Day! Do you know what the 6 degrees are?” Tammy used an exaggerated tone to express her awe for the 6 degrees, “Like your husband recovering from a serious illness, these 6 degrees for him, it is likely to be a fatal blow.”

Avery: “…My side shows a 5 degrees drop.”

“It’s 6 degrees here! No matter whether it’s 5 degrees or 6 degrees, it’s a big cooling!” Tammy spoke very quickly, “So before New Year’s Day, don’t go out for the two of you! If you’re bored, I can accompany you at any time to play!”

Avery: “Tammy, ​​you two are very strange. Elliot is not that weak, you know…”

“I know he was not weak before. But he is weak now! You should pay more attention.” Tammy racked her brains in order to reassure her, “I have a relative who is in his 70s. After walking around, he got sick from the cold! he’s still in the hospital now!”

Avery immediately understood their painstaking efforts: “old people in their 70s really need to keep warm. But Elliot is really not that weak…”

“Look at you, Elliot is better, you start to be careless.” Tammy sighed.

Tammy’s tone made Avery very ashamed.

“Tammy, ​​don’t sigh. I won’t let him go far. At least not before the Spring Festival this year.” Avery said, “I went to the mountain to pray for blessings a few days ago. He wanted to climb the mountain together, but I didn’t let him…”

Tammy: “You’re right. What if he faints on the mountain? If he’s really bored, you can just take him to the community.”

Avery: “Um.”

After talking on the phone, Avery looked up and saw Elliot standing beside her.

Elliot’s face was not very good.

Maybe Tammy’s voice was sharper. Just now, Elliot stood beside Avery and heard everything Tammy said.

“What’s the matter with Tammy? It’s up to me.” Elliot walked to the sofa and sat down, sulking.

Especially when Tammy said that Avery could only take him to go shopping in the community, Avery not only did not refute, but also agreed.

“Tammy said that a relative in their 70s was ill from the cold. Tammy and Jun also cared about you, so they called specifically to tell you.” Avery walked over to Elliot and coaxed him.

Elliot: “I’m not an old man in his 70s.”

“Is it wrong for people to care about you?” Avery sat down beside him, “I’ll take you out for a walk when the weather is good. Waiting for the cold wave on New Year’s Day…”

“What kind of cold snap is a five-degree temperature drop? The children are on holiday on New Year’s Day. We can plan it.” Elliot couldn’t stay at home anymore, “How about going to Bridgedale to find Hayden?”

Avery thought carefully and replied, “I will let Hayden come back on New Year’s Day. You don’t need to fly to see him.”

Elliot: “Alright. Our family will go out to play at that time.”

“Then make a plan and show it to me.” Avery didn’t want him to be too depressed.

“I’ll make a few more plans and let you and the children choose.” Elliot’s eyes suddenly gleamed.

Avery: “Okay! Don’t choose too far away.”

Elliot: “OK.”

At 10 o’clock in the morning, a bodyguard sent to a neighboring city took the ‘Siena’ hair sample back to Avonsville.

Elliot and Avery saw the hair of ‘Siena’ in the DNA identification center.

Finally, they took Avery’s hair sample and tested it with ‘Siena’.

After Elliot paid the testing fee, Avery led him away.

“When the results come out, someone else will call us.”

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