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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2324 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2324

“Avery, Robert likes to eat the dumplings you made.” Mrs. Cooper came over and smiled at Avery, “I have to add more after eating a bowl. I said that today’s dumplings are really delicious.”

Mrs. Cooper came over to tell Avery this, in order to make Avery happy.

Because when Layla was eating dumplings just now, the expressions on Avery and Elliot’s faces were apprehensive and uneasy.

People like the two of them who didn’t usually cook, could make dumplings, which was already very worthy of encouragement.

Mrs. Cooper also ate the dumplings they made. Although the taste was average, it was definitely not bad.

“Really?” Avery was attracted to the dining room.

Robert took the spoon by himself and smashed the last dumpling in the bowl into his small mouth.

“Baby eat slowly. Your kindergarten still has breakfast!” Avery walked to Robert and wiped his mouth with a tissue.

Robert: “Mom, the dumplings you and Dad made are delicious. I still want to eat them tomorrow morning.”

Avery: “…”

The daughter asked them not to get up so early in the future, and the implication was to tell them not to make breakfast in the future.

But her son seemed to really like to eat…

“Baby, you are really a good baby who is not picky eater.” Avery couldn’t help laughing, “Daddy and mommy will make it better next time and give it to you.”

“Today’s one is delicious…it’s delicious, Mom!” Robert’s mouth was as sweet as honey.

Avery picked up Robert and took him out: “you said that, your Mom is really happy. I will cook it for you next time.”

Robert: “Mom, you are awesome. You can make dumplings!”

“Next time, mom will bring you to make it together, okay?” Avery thought that the New Year would be coming soon, and the family would make dumplings together, which would be fun and lively.

“Okay, okay!” Robert clapped his hands excitedly.

After Avery sent Robert out, Elliot went downstairs after talking on the phone.

“Husband, who did you talk to just now?” Avery walked to the stairs and watched him come down.

“Exactly. He told me that the two of us should not go out recently.” Elliot was at a loss, “I asked him why, guess what he said?”

Avery couldn’t guess at all: “what did he say?”

“He said that there will be a cold current that will cool down.” When Elliot said these words, he still suspected that he had heard it wrong.

Avery looked blank: “Is it a big cold snap? Why haven’t I heard the news? I’ll check the weather forecast…”

The cold snap that Jun Hertz could make a special call to remind Elliot must be a once-in-a-decade extreme cold snap.

“I read the weather forecast, and on New Year’s Day, it will drop by about 5 degrees.” Elliot was very puzzled about the cold snap he said because of the weather forecast.

A five-degree drop in winter temperatures couldn’t be more normal!

Even if it suddenly drop ten degrees, it is a situation that can be encountered every year. This kind of drop, this tiny cold snap, is it worth making a special call to tell him not to go out?

Avery laughed out loud. After laughing, She thought it was a little weird.

“I’ll ask Tammy what’s the matter.” Avery found the phone and dialed Tammy’s number.

Tammy answered the phone quickly.

“Avery, how is Elliot’s recovery? You two have no plans to go out recently, right? It’s so cold in winter, so you two should rest at home.” Tammy said with a crackle.

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