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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2321 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2321

The mother-in-law opened the door with a bag of garbage in her hand.

As soon as the door was pushed open, she was shocked by three tall and burly men at the door.

“You…” The garbage bag in the mother-in-law’s hand fell to the ground, exclaiming for a while.

“Hello, mother-in-law, we’re here to find Siena.” The leading bodyguard immediately showed a self-righteous and kind smile.

The mother-in-law looked at the three big men with smiles, and the shock in her heart rose sharply. But she quickly guessed who they were.

The mother-in-law blamed herself in her heart. Yesterday, she should not have made an assertion and called Avery. At the same time, she’s also fortunate in her heart that fortunately, the Miss was unpredictable and noticed the danger in advance, which prevented the tragedy from happening.

“Oh… Who are you?” After thinking about it, the mother-in-law quickly calmed down, “How do you know Siena?”

“Hello mother-in-law, we are sent by Mr. Foster, we have no malicious intentions, just I want to confirm whether Siena is our boss’s daughter.” The leading bodyguard said politely.

The mother-in-law seemed to have heard a big joke, and suddenly laughed: “Siena’s parents are from my home village. How could she be your boss’s child? Also, you said Mr. Foster…what? Mr. Foster? Siena’s father’s surname is Cooper, not Foster!”

The three big men suddenly changed their expressions.

“Did you make a mistake? Also, Siena is sick, and I’m going to buy her medicine…” The mother-in-law wanted to send them away.

But they didn’t see Siena, how could they just let it go.

The leading bodyguard: “What’s wrong with her? Does she need to be taken to the hospital? We have a car, so we can take her to the hospital.”

“No, no, she just has a fever, she can take some antipyretics.” The mother-in-law said. She was afraid that they would not believe it, so she turned and pushed away The door, walked in, “Come in and have a look! Siena really has a fever…”

“At this point, the pharmacy outside isn’t open yet! Where are you going to buy medicine? Or deliver it? Go to the hospital!” The leading bodyguard strode to keep up with her mother-in-law.

“There is a 24-hour pharmacy. A cold and fever are just minor illnesses, and we shouldn’t go to the hospital.” The mother-in-law said calmly, and pushed open a door, “Siena, some uncles have come to see you. Just wait a minute, Mother-in-law will buy medicine for you later.”

The room was dimly lit, and only a child could be seen lying on the bed, but the child’s face could not be seen clearly.

The leading bodyguard found the switch and immediately turned the light on.

The little girl on the bed had flushed cheeks and panicked eyes.

It looked like she had a real fever.

The leading bodyguard reached out and touched the little girl’s forehead, which was a little hot.

“She may not be very adaptable to the life at the foot of the mountain. She fell ill when she got off the mountain.” The mother-in-law said anxiously, “Why do you suspect that she is Mr. Foster’s child? Has Mr. Foster ever seen Siena? Or did you listen to someone? “

“Mother-in-law, we are just following orders.” When The leading bodyguard spoke, he looked at the little girl on the bed.

Judging from her appearance, although this little girl was born beautiful, she didn’t look much like Elliot and Avery.

After watching for a while, The leading bodyguard felt that this little girl was completely different from Elliot and Avery.

“Do you think she looks like the boss and Avery?” The leading bodyguard and two other subordinates whispered.

The other two men shook their heads one after another: “I don’t think so. But my eyesight is very bad, so it may not be right.”

“I don’t think so, but I said it doesn’t count. What if she is really the boss’s child?” Another bodyguard said.

If it can tell who is parent-child with whom by the naked eye, then why does it need DNA testing?

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