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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2320 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2320

After Elliot put down his mobile phone, he was completely drowsy. He put the phone on the bedside table, intending to get out of bed to wash.

He got out of bed lightly and put on his slippers. Avery rolled over and opened her eyes.

“Husband, what are you going to do? What time is it?” Avery asked with sleepy eyes and a hoarse voice.

Elliot: “It’s still early, it’s only after 5 o’clock. You continue to sleep. I’ll go to the bathroom.”

“Husband, haven’t you slept all night? I feel like you’ve been rolling over in my sleep.” Avery rubbed her eyes and borrowed In the dim light, she said, “You turn on the light, I don’t want to sleep anymore.”

Elliot turned on the room light as he said.

If it was normal, he would definitely let her continue to sleep. Now he was more emotional, and he believed that Avery would be the same as him.

Elliot: “Avery, the person I sent out has already found her mother-in-law’s place.”

Avery’s eyes widened suddenly, and her eyes shone brightly: “Is it going so well? I just slept…”

“Well. We found the owner of that number through the landline number. The owner runs a small supermarket. It happens that there is surveillance at the entrance of the small supermarket. Through the time when the mother-in-law called you, she was captured. Then the person took the picture of the mother-in-law and went to the neighborhood and asked about her, and he quickly found the community where the mother-in-law lives.” Elliot replied.

Avery immediately lifted the quilt and got out of bed: “Great! I hope to see Siena today! I can get satisfactory results!”

“Avery, don’t hold out too much hope. I’m afraid that the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment.” When Elliot said this, the corners of his mouth rose.

Although Elliot told Avery like this, he had great hope in his heart.

“I know it might be a misunderstanding. But there is hope if there are clues. I like this feeling of hope.” Avery was not afraid of disappointment, but she was afraid that there had been no clue after searching for so long, “Since I found out that Haze is my daughter, I always look forward to getting news about her. Even if the clues are wrong, it is better than no clues. If there are no clues, I always feel that she is dead.”

“Avery, I understand your feelings.” Elliot thought the same as Avery, “Are you hungry? Shall we make breakfast by ourselves?”

Avery: “Okay! Actually, I’m not hungry, but I want to make breakfast with you.”

After a brief wash, the two came out of the master bedroom.

“Avery, what do you want to eat?” Elliot was gearing up, as if he was going to do something.

Avery turned on the light on the first floor and looked at Elliot with a surprised expression: “What else do you do besides noodles?”

This question made Elliot think carefully for a few seconds: “I should still cook porridge.”

Avery: “Then Do you know the ratio of water to rice when cooking porridge?”

Elliot: “…”

Avery: “Why don’t I do it? You can just stay with me.”

Elliot nodded and said, “I want to eat dumplings, do you know how to make dumplings?”

Avery pursed her lips, and after secretly raised her breath, she said, “I can do everything. No, just look it up online. I’ll go see if there’s any flour in the refrigerator first.”

“Well. If it’s too much trouble, I can eat porridge and noodles.” Elliot regretted after saying that he wanted to eat dumplings.

Even if he wanted to eat dumplings too happily, he shouldn’t tell Avery.

Although Avery’s cooking skills were a little better than Elliot, it’s only a little bit better.

“If you want to eat dumplings, I will definitely let you eat dumplings.” Avery put her arms around his waist to reassure him.

The neighboring city, 6:30 in the morning.

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