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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2315 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2315

“I can’t sleep, so I came to check for albinism. Most of this call is a harassing call.” Avery put the mobile phone on the table, got up from the chair and walked to Elliot, “Go back to sleep! It’s still early. I’ll take you back to your room.”

“I can’t sleep. But I don’t know what to do. Imagine a retired life feels a bit scary.” During the time when Elliot was forced to rest, he had actually tried to cultivate a lot of interests.

Unfortunately, apart from work, Elliot is not particularly interested in other things.

“Why don’t you try fishing?” Avery gave Elliot some advice, “I saw a news this morning that a man went out over the wall in the middle of the night in order to fish… It seems that his wife didn’t like him fishing, so he sneaked out to fish.”

“Are you sure he climbed over the wall in the middle of the night to go fishing, not for anything else?” Elliot questioned the news, “What kind of fish Is he fishing in the middle of the night? He can’t see the floats, is he blind fishing?”

Avery: “…”

Elliot looked confident: “Most of this is going out for an affair.”

Avery: “But I saw the pictures on the news, and he brought fishing tools! If it was going out for an affair, why does he need to bring tools?”

Elliot couldn’t understand the expressions of this world.

“You’d better go and lie down! You can search for fishing-related videos. I’m fascinated by other people’s fishing.” Avery said here, the mobile phone on the table rang.

She let go of Elliot, walked to the desk, and saw that the landline number just now was calling.

If it was a harassing call, it would not be called again without answering, and would be called again.

“Is it the same number just now?” Elliot stood there, looking at her and asked.

“Well. I’ll take it.” Avery said and answered the phone.

Elliot stood at the door of the study, did not listen closely, but did not intend to leave.

“Is it Miss Tate?” There was an old voice over the phone.

This should not be a harassing call.

Avery responded immediately: “I’m Avery, may I ask you who is?”

“I just wanted to ask Lilly, is she okay? Can she easily answer the phone?” After all, her mother-in-law was distressed by Siena, so she brought Siena with her. She came outside, borrowed someone else’s landline, and called Avery.

The mother-in-law actually has a mobile phone, but the mother-in-law does not want to reveal any information about herself.

After Avery heard ‘Little Lilly’, she immediately thought of G-Temple, and quickly guessed the identity of the other party.

“Are you Siena’s mother-in-law?” Avery had a smile on her face and a smile in her voice, “I’ve been waiting for you to call me. Lilly went up the mountain yesterday and didn’t see Siena, so she cried so sadly. But Lilly is not at my house now. She was adopted, and the other party is my close relative…Where are you and Siena now? Let’s meet and talk! I can bring Lilly to meet you. Or I will send someone to pick you up to my house.”

Avery showed the greatest sincerity.

Unexpectedly, the mother-in-law listened to her words and did not agree to meet.

“Who did you adopt Lilly? Is the other party reliable? Miss Tate, Lilly is sick, how could you just give her to someone else?” The mother-in-law was very dissatisfied.

“Mother-in-law, don’t worry. The husband and wife who adopted Lilly are a doctor and the wife is my husband’s sister. They are all very good people. Lilly will definitely be well taken care of by following them.”

“Oh, doctor! That’s all right.” After the mother-in-law finished speaking, she was about to hang up. “I’m calling you just to ask, nothing else. Siena is fine now, please let Lilly not worry about her. In the future, they will see by fate!”

“Are you planning to take Siena far away?” Avery felt a little regretful.

“Yes. Don’t look for us.” After the mother-in-law finished, she hung up the phone.

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    1. Translating? How and from where please? Can you please give more information we can translate it ourself just need to know where from please

      1. This is an on going novel written in Chinese. If you can read Chinese go for it! The original site will still only give you the same amount of chapters published.

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