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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2312 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2312

“Yes! Siena and your father look a bit like when they were young!” Staring at Layla’s phone screen without blinking, Lilly said.

Layla also stared at the phone screen: “Is it true? Do you have a picture of Siena? No, you don’t have a mobile phone…”

“I don’t have a picture, we haven’t taken a picture.” Lilly explained, “Master does not allow others to take pictures of us. Our Host has never taken pictures of us.”

“Oh… it’s a pity I haven’t met your good friend, otherwise I’ll know if she’s real or not. Like my dad.” Layla said, thinking for a few seconds, then said, “Actually, I don’t know if my dad looked like this when he was a child. This is something I just played with, and ask me when I go back. Dad, let’s see if he looked like this when he was a child.”

“Mmmm.” Lilly nodded obediently.

“Little Lilly, haven’t you met my dad? When you saw my dad, didn’t you think he was like your good friend?” Layla asked with a smile.

“Uncle Foster doesn’t look like…Uncle Foster was like when he was a child…” At least Lilly looked at Elliot’s face now, and wouldn’t associate him with Siena.

But looking at the photo of Elliot getting smaller in Layla’s phone, at first glance, Lilly thought it was her good friend Siena.

“Okay! Maybe my dad is too old now. He was also a baby when he was a kid, so he was a little cuter when he was a kid.” Layla said this, and she couldn’t help but want to see what her dad really looked like when he was a child.

Layla: “Sister Layla, can I see what I’m like when I’m old?”

“Of course you can. I’ll take a frontal photo for you first.” Layla turned on the camera, took a photo of Lilly, and then clicked the aging effect. Soon, Lilly’s old photo was born.

Lilly: “It’s fun! Sister Layla, is this really what I’m like when I get old?”

Layla: “The photo of Dad getting smaller is also not allowed! This is just a special effect designed by someone else…”

“Oh! I seem to understand.” Lilly was stunned.

Layla: “Little Lilly, it’s fine even if you don’t understand. You will understand when you grow up.”

Little Lilly immediately showed a bright smile.

“Sister Layla, I want to shoot too! Hurry up and help me!” Maria ran to Layla, grabbed her cute little head, and looked at Layla expectantly.

“Don’t shake your head, or you will be photographed ugly!” After fixing her little head, Layla took a frontal photo of her.

After Layla made her old with one click, Maria immediately took Layla’s phone and ran to the door of the room.

“Mom! Look, Mom! I’m getting old!” Maria probably forgot that she had just moved the small bench to the door, for fear that her mother would find out that they were playing with their mobile phones.

Now Maria had Layla’s phone and she wanted to go out and show it to her mother.

Layla looked at the back of Maria running away and shook her head helplessly.

But Auntie Shea was so gentle, Layla probably wouldn’t say that she showed her two younger sisters her phone.

Since she was a little kid, she wasn’t afraid of Shea at all, so she could see that Shea must be very fond of Maria at ordinary times.

“Mom! Sister Layla is making me old! Look, Mom! I’m not beautiful when I get old!” Maria quickly found her mother who was playing with Robert and showed her the phone.

After looking at the photo, Shea couldn’t help laughing: “Maria has become a little old woman!”

“Mom, you are not allowed to laugh at me ugly!” Maria pouted and pretended to be angry.

“It’s not ugly, it’s not ugly. Mom didn’t say you are ugly. Even if you become a little old woman, you’re still mom’s little baby!” Shea touched her daughter’s little face, coaxed softly, and Maria immediately opened her mouth.

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