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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2311 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2311

“Layla, then you can give her a piggy bank next time! Let her keep her money by herself. Buy whatever you want in the future.” Shea said spoiledly.

“Okay, Aunt Shea, I’ll bring it next weekend.” Layla said and asked curiously, “Aunt Shea, will you send Lilly to school?”

“We’ll take her to school on Monday. Check out the kindergarten. See if she wants to go to school. If she wants, then go to school with Maria. If she doesn’t want to go to school, then stay at home and I will take care of her.” Shea can accept anything.

As long as Lilly was healthy.

“I want to go to school with my little sister. But I’m a little afraid that I won’t know anything.” Lilly expressed her worries.

“I didn’t go to kindergarten well when I was young! My brother didn’t go to kindergarten either. My brother thinks kindergarten is too naive…Little Lilly, don’t worry you won’t! You can try first, if you go to kindergarten and you’re not happy, don’t go.” Layla cheered her on.

Lilly: “Yeah!”

After the four children played together for a while, Layla led Lilly and Maria into another room.

The three girls had more in common.

Robert was single.

Robert looked at the closed door and ran to find Aunt Shea with a look of grievance.

“Aunt Shea, they don’t play with me.” Robert hummed.

Shea picked Robert up and took him to get something delicious.

“Aunt Shea will play with you. We have new toys at home!”

“I want to play with my sister…but my sister doesn’t play with me…Maria ignores me…Lilly is willing to take care of me, but my sister takes Lilly Pulled away woo woo!” Robert pouted and refused Shea to bring him snacks, “Auntie, where is the new toy?”

“The new toy hasn’t been opened yet! I’ll take you to unpack it!” Shea lead Robert to find new toys.

In the room, Layla turned on her mobile phone and showed Maria and Lilly the dancing video she recorded.

Maria and Lilly looked at the video of Layla dancing on the mobile phone with admiration on their faces!

When the video was over, Layla put her phone back and said, “I can’t show you my phone anymore, you two are children, you can’t look at my phone.”

“Sister Layla, show us a little longer! I’m going to hold the door against…my mother won’t come in. Yes!” Maria said, and immediately took her own small bench and placed it against the door of the room.

Little Lilly has never played with a cell phone, so she stared at the cell phone in Layla’s hand without blinking.

“Little Lilly, have you ever played with a cell phone? Let me play for you for a while? When you grow up to my age, I will give you a new cell phone. You are too young to use a cell phone now!” Layla opened the camera function casually, handed to Lilly.

“Thank you, Sister Layla.” Lilly happily took the phone, and after taking a few selfies, she accidentally clicked on a special effect.

“This feature can see how you are getting older! It can also turn an adult’s photo into a child’s.” Layla said, took her phone and clicked on a photo she had made before, “Look, This is the photo of my dad getting smaller. And the photo of my mom getting smaller.”

“Huh…” Lilly exclaimed immediately after seeing the photo of Elliot getting smaller, “Sister Layla, Your dad is like a good friend of mine!”

Layla returned the photo to the one where her dad became smaller: “Lilly, did you mean Siena?”

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  1. Getting interesting now. Please reunite Haze or Siena with her biological family. It’s about time they had good news and what better way to do this. Please make it sooner than later

  2. Finally lilly recognise that sienna looks like someone in the family. Hope layla will tell avery and Eliot about it. Let’s end it

  3. Oh my goodness, I was so hoping they would figure it out soon. when they find her Lilly and Haze will not have to be apart again either. It’s about time some good stuff is happening in this NEVER ending book.

  4. Avery and Elliott’s children are very smart so please let Layla tell her parents. As soon as she gets home, PLEASE!!!! IM READY FOR Avery and Elliott to live happy for a change. It’s time. You ha e put them through so much horror, and unrealistic stuff that can you just let them be happy for a change. Oh and can you please give us more chapters than you do

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