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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2305 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2305

Ben: [oh oh oh! Pretty good! I heard that it is a little girl with white hair, when will I go and see?]

Elliot: [If you want to see her, you have to know her situation clearly before you see her. She is not a small animal, don’t make fun of children.]

Ben: [You scared people!]

Elliot: […]

Ben: [Why are you so serious? Are you in a bad mood? Shall I take you to play?]

Elliot: [Avery fell asleep.]

Ben: [Good! understood! I will arrange it! You wait, I will send you a car at the gate of your house.]

Elliot: [I said she’s sleeping peacefully, and I’m going to sleep too!]

Ben: [Why don’t you come?]

Elliot: [She is very tired from running around all day today. And, without her permission, I won’t go out. You don’t want to spoil me.]

Ben: [Humph! I wanted to gossip with you! It seems that we can only chat on the phone.]

Elliot: [What gossip?]

Ben: [Isn’t Travis dead? Norah finally showed up. Hahaha! I guess she will never go back to Aryadelle in the future. She should also do well in Bridgedale. If she can grab part of the inheritance from Emilio.]

Elliot: [Is she fighting for inheritance?]

Ben: [She is also Travis’s daughter. After Travis’s will was announced, except Emilio, the other Jones family children gathered together to overturn the will.]

Elliot: [Funny, wills are protected by law, can they be overturned if they want?]

Ben: [So they will have a lawsuit. With Norah’s scheming and methods, she felt that she would definitely get part of the inheritance. When she gets the inheritance, she can be resurrected with full blood!]

Elliot: [She’d better not appear in front of me, otherwise I won’t be able to spare her.]

Ben: [Hahahaha! So I said she was afraid to go back to Aryadelle. However, she may be able to contact Sasha. This time, she used Sasha as a bait to bring Travis into the trap. It’s possible that she used this trick on you as well.]

Elliot: [Then she will try to see if I won’t take the bait.]



It’s Travis’s funeral.

Travis made many friends in his life, so even if the number of guests at the funeral was repeatedly reduced, hundreds of people still came to the scene.

Travis’s body had been cremated in advance, so after the funeral ceremony, the ashes could be sent directly for burial.

During the luncheon, Mike planned to find an opportunity to chat with Emilio.

As a result, when he looked at Emilio’s table, he accidentally met Norah’s.

All Travis’s children sat at a table.

The grievances between Norah and Travis were unknown to outsiders. Outsiders didn’t even know that Travis was killed by Norah. So everyone was not surprised that Norah attended the funeral.

After Norah saw Mike, the expression on her face was obviously stunned.

Mike raised his glass and gestured to Norah in the air.

“Is Mike a friend of my father?” Norah asked Emilio, looking away from Mike’s face.

“No. Mike is my friend. What’s wrong?” Emilio asked.

They had a few brothers and sisters, who seemed to be peaceful on the surface today, but they had split into two privately, preparing to sue for the issue of inheritance.

“Haha, Mike is Avery’s follower. Avery asked him to come!” Norah said this deliberately, embarrassing Emilio.

“So what? Now I have the final say in the Jones family, and I have the final say in who to invite.” Emilio replied bluntly.

“Okay, I know you have Avery to support you.” Norah sneered, “Unfortunately, you will still lose the lawsuit.”

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  1. Now that Norah is out get revenge on her now. Where is Hayden., get your sister Hayden and take her home to your parents . Go ahead and kill Norah. Please let this story end now no more drama enough already. Let them be a family they deserve it

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