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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2304 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2304

Elliot responded and returned the phone to his daughter.

Elliot: “Have you had a good time in the mountains today?”

“Not very happy. It’s very sad to see so many children with congenital diseases being abandoned, and some healthy children being abandoned by their parents.” Speaking of which, Layla was unhappy, “Dad, I think I am too happy.”

“Layla, there are many unfortunate people in this world, but also many happy people. Happiness is not your fault.” Elliot patiently comforted his daughter, ” If you go to more remote mountain villages, you will see more poor children. They may not even be able to eat.”

After listening to her father’s words, Layla became even more depressed: “Dad, how can I help them?”

Elliot: “You can donate money. I and your Mom donate to charity every year. We can’t change the fate of everyone, but our strength can improve the lives of at least some people.”

Layla: “Dad, I see.”

Elliot: “Layla, wait, for me. Now that you can go out, I can take you to see more places.”

Layla: “Okay Dad! I hope you get better soon!”

Avery listened to the conversation between the father and daughter, and couldn’t help but laugh: “Elliot, let’s be honest. Have you ever lived in a remote place? I believe you donate to the society every year, but you must have never tried to live a poor life.”

Elliot: “…”

“Don’t take your daughter to that kind of place. I’m afraid of places you don’t know well.” Avery laughed ruthlessly, “I’m afraid that you will need your daughter to take care of you instead.”

Elliot: “….”

As for what?

In front of the child, can’t he save some face for him?

“Layla, your father’s ancestors are three generations old. They are all businessmen and rich people. Your father has never lived a poor life since he was a child.” Avery said to her daughter Science.

Layla heard it fresh and asked, “Mom, are you talking about Dad’s adoptive father’s family? I remember Dad’s real dad was a badass!”

Avery: “The Foster family. Although Elliot is not the child of the Foster family, the Foster family treats him as a treasure.”

“Avery, don’t exaggerate the facts. I also had a lot of troubles when I was young.” Elliot corrected Avery.

Avery: “I didn’t say anything about you and Shea. I’m talking about the material aspects of your life. You still look like you can’t eat the fireworks. How dare you say that you suffered when you were a child?”

Elliot was speechless again.

“Of course, I didn’t advocate enduring hardship. It’s just that you don’t take my daughter out to run around.” Avery warned him with her eyes.

Elliot: “If I want to take my daughter out, I’ll definitely be with you.”

“We’ll talk about it when you’re well! You haven’t been out for a long time now, so you must want to go anywhere.” Avery teased, “When the time comes, that’s great, I must be focused on work.”

Seeing her father being stunned by what her mother said, Layla couldn’t help laughing: “Mom, you have seen everything through my father.”

Avery: “Can you not see through? He’s known you older than you.”

Layla laughed, and the whole living room was filled with her daughter’s bell-like laughter.

At 9:00 p.m., Avery fell asleep.

Elliot took a nap at noon and was not sleepy at all.

He looked at Avery’s sleeping face, helplessness flashed in his eyes.

She must have forgotten what she said in the morning.

But seeing her so tired, he couldn’t bear to wake her up.

He picked up the book on the bedside table, intending to read it before going to bed.

The phone screen suddenly lights up.

He took the phone and saw the message from Ben: [I heard that you adopted a little girl, is it true?]

Elliot replied: [The child was adopted by Shea and Wesley.]

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  1. I can’t take the way Avery talks to Elliot anymore. She treats him like a child. Where is the old Elliot who wouldn’t have stood for this?

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