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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2302 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2302

Avery did not expect such a small child to be so careful.

Avery: “Little Lilly, Siena has my number, she will definitely call me.”

Lilly then felt a little better: “Why does mother-in-law have to bring Siena down the mountain?”

Her life was also good. If it wasn’t for Avery and Shea, Lilly would definitely not be willing to go down the mountain.

“Little Lilly, this is her mother-in-law’s decision. We can’t force it.” The Host said calmly, “Are you doing well down the mountain?”

“I’m doing well. Auntie Tate took me to the hospital. Sister Layla and Brother Robert are also very good to me. I also met Auntie Shea… Auntie Shea wants to adopt me. By the way, Auntie Shea and Auntie Tate are a family. I think they are both good people, I I’d like to be with them.”

The Host looked at Avery and smiled: “Miss Tate, since Lilly is willing to go with you, it means that there is a fate between you. Lilly will trouble you in the future.”

“It is serious. In the future, I will often bring Lilly back to visit everyone. If there are other difficulties in the temple, you can tell me. I am very happy to be able to make a little contribution to the society.” Avery said sincerely.

“Miss Tate, thank you very much for your kindness. We will pray for you and your family here.” The Host said gratefully.

“Speaking of which, my wish to go up the mountain this time is indeed related to my family. I have a daughter who has not been by my side since she was born. When I went to find her, she had no idea where she had gone. Until now, I don’t know if she is alive or dead, whether she is safe or not.” Avery said her heart knot, and when the words settled, she breathed a sigh of relief.

The master heard the words and comforted: “Miss Tate, everything has a certainty. If your child is still alive, she will definitely come back to you. If she is gone, you must learn to let go.”

Avery: “Thank you Master for persuading me. I’m not as restless as before. And seeing these children on the mountain doing so well, I also imagined that if my children were living in such a place, they might also lead a free life.”

The Host: “Miss Tate, you are kind-hearted. If my children are still alive, they will definitely be taken care of by good people.”

Beside, after Layla clipped the children’s hairpins, she saw Lilly’s expression was a little lost, and immediately called her to come and play together.

“Little Lilly, I know your good friend is left, don’t be sad. Because you will make many good friends in the future.” Layla touched Lilly’s head, “These children are also your friends! “

Little Lilly glanced at everyone, then nodded.

Lilly: “Siena will definitely find me. She asked for Auntie Tate’s phone number, and she will definitely call Auntie Tate in the future.”

Layla: “That’s easy. Next time Siena calls my mother and asks my mother to go directly and bring her to play with us. How about it?” Layla said dotingly.

Lilly suddenly smiled: “Sister Layla, you are so kind.”

“Of course! You can trust no one, but you can always trust me, you know?” Layla conquered.

After they stayed at the temple for lunch, they were ready to go down the mountain.

When Lilly waved goodbye to her Masters and friends, she couldn’t help but redden her eyes.

Wesley picked her up and comforted her in a soft voice: “I’ll bring you back every week, okay?”

Lilly: “Well.”

At 4 o’clock in the afternoon, Avery sent Lilly to Wesley’s house, and brought Layla and Robert home with her…

They came back because Little Lilly was asleep.

On the way back to Foster’s house, Robert also fell asleep in the car.

They got up too early in the morning.

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