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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2295 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2295

Siena was so frightened that she could only leave there with her mother-in-law.

After the masters finished the morning exercise, the mother-in-law brought Siena into the meditation room.

“Where are you going next?” The host asked.

“I have relatives who can go to defect. When I brought Siena up the mountain, it was also because Siena was weak and sickly. The air on the mountain was good. After living in Siena for more than a year, my body has really improved a lot. I hope the host and the masters will not put Siena on the mountain and not tell anyone about our whereabouts.” Mother-in-law brought Siena here, not free food and lodging.

The mother-in-law helped with cooking and cleaning on the mountain, and the nuns in the monastery respected her very much.

When the mother-in-law said goodbye to the host, Siena looked around.

Her eyes were bright and divine, and she exuded a charming aura.

“Mother-in-law, I want to pee.” Siena raised her head, said this to her mother-in-law, and ran away immediately.

The mother-in-law didn’t think much, and continued to say goodbye to the host.

“After Lilly went down the mountain, Siena was very sad. I was also afraid that Siena would continue to stay here and feel sad. Moreover, Siena has reached the age to go to school. I took her down the mountain and wanted her to go to school and wanted to live like a normal child.” said the mother-in-law.

The host has a kind face and said: “Siena is a smart and well-behaved child. As long as she is well educated and guided, she will have a bright future in the future.”

The mother-in-law: “Thank you for your praise. If Siena achieves something in the future, I will definitely tell her to come up the mountain to visit you.”

The host: “Even if she doesn’t succeed in the future, she is welcome to go up the mountain at any time. This place will always be her home.”

After a while, Siena ran back from the toilet.

The mother-in-law asked her to hug and say goodbye to the masters.

After Siena hugged and said goodbye to the masters one by one, she was led down the mountain by her mother-in-law.

At the foot of the mountain, a Buick commercial vehicle parked there quietly.

After the mother-in-law and Siena went down the mountain, the people who came to pick up the Buick got off immediately.

After the mother-in-law took Siena to the car, Siena looked at the scenery outside the car window, holding back the tears in her eyes: “Mother-in-law, where are we going?”

“Let’s go to Miss first. When we find Miss, we will see how she arranges. Let’s go!” After the mother-in-law finished speaking, the driver started the car.

Soon, the scenery on the mountain disappeared before her eyes.

Siena looked at the rear windshield, two strings of hot tears streaming from the corners of her eyes.

She had a hunch that once she left, she might never come back.

She didn’t know who the young lady was, and she didn’t care.

As long as her mother-in-law was there, her mother-in-law would definitely take care of her.

It’s just that she was really reluctant to part with temples and friends on the mountain.

Even if the relationship with other children was not so good, but after all, those people got along day and night, and they were more familiar.

Down the mountain, Siena still didn’t know what to do.

By going to the toilet just now, she found another master and asked for Avery’s contact information.

With Avery’s contact information, she could contact Lilly through Avery in the future.

She was worried that Lilly didn’t know that she had left the temple.

If Lilly couldn’t see Siena in the mountains in the future, she would definitely be very sad.

Siena wanted to be friends with Lilly for a lifetime.

“Siena, don’t cry.” The mother-in-law said. She was very distressed when she saw Siena crying silently, “You are different from other children. You are destined to bear a lot of things that you shouldn’t bear.”

“Mother-in-law, I don’t understand. What you’re talking about is too profound.” Siena sniffed and wiped away the tears on her face, “Even if I’m different from other children, so what? Lilly is also the same as Unlike other children, I played with Lilly and had a lot of fun.”

“Someone wants to kill you. If you want to live, you have to be obedient. And Lilly is not like you. No one wants to kill Lilly.” Mother-in-law said, “My poor Siena…I just want you to grow up healthy.”

“Mother-in-law, who is going to kill me?” Siena asked. Her eyes flashed with timidity, and her body became cold.

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  1. Why Avery just couldn’t find Haze instead of Lilly? It would have been so refreshing… instead this is also going to be dragging and bringing in unnecessary people.
    Tnx translator

      1. I’m sure Sienna must be Haze. I hope lily says something to one of the kids or to Avery or Elliot that the 2 girls look so much alike!!! I 💘 this crazy novel!!! More chaoters please and thank you for all of your hard work translating this novel.

  2. I hope the mother in law doesn’t tell Siena that Avery wants to kill her, and prevent her from contacting Avery to inquire of Lilly. I am sure this will drag out, because this could have solved, “finding Haze” when Avery was on the mountain.
    Who is Miss? The lady has taken Siena from the mountain, and stated, “Let’s go to Miss first. When we find Miss, we will see how she arranges it.” I bet Miss is Norah or Sasha. More than likely, Norah. Norah, may have recorded Emilio when he asked her to join forces to kill Travis, and will use this against him with his family to try and sue him for Travis’s estate. I hope Emilio gets some smarts real soon. Hopefully, Mike will help him. Haze, will be used against Elliot and Avery soon. Norah, thinks she can not be touched. Eliot should have killed her when he had a chance. He should have known someone like her will not lie down and be defeated.

    1. exactly, remember is was Norah’s mother that kill Travis. Emillio is going to fight all the siblings. So happy Avery and Elliott are doing good with their children, maybe Hayden will step in and save Siena. Lilly hasn’t said anything about Lilly looking like Siena, hopefully there will be no more distractions or drama. Just get them together and finish this book strong.

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