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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2293 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2293

Second sister: “Sister, don’t be so angry, Caleb has nothing. Poor! You and Caleb have paid so much for the Jones family, but my father gave you nothing. My father is really too partial! “

I said this will doesn’t count!” Camila’s face turned blue and her teeth clenched, “Emilio, just wait! I can’t let this matter go!”

Camila said, bending over Picked up the copy on the ground, and strode out of the old house.

Other siblings also left.

Seeing that Emilio’s face was not very good, Lawyer Lake immediately patted him on the shoulder and comforted him: “Your father’s will is protected by law, even if they don’t agree, they can only hold it back. Emilio, you’ll be fine next time. Hold your father’s funeral, don’t let outsiders see jokes.”

“Thank you for comforting me. I had expected their reaction would be fierce. Maybe they will join forces and fight with me for the inheritance.” Emilio calmly said, “I have also hired a lawyer who is very good in this field. If I really need to file a lawsuit, I hope to get your help.”

“Of course there is no problem. You can call me at any time if you need it.” Lawyer Lake continued to remind, “Hurry up and contact the other relatives of the Jones family and bring them to your side. This will also help you in the lawsuit at that time.”

Emilio: “Okay. Thank you for reminding me.”

Lawyer Lake: “Remember to notify me.”

Emilio: “Well.”

After Emilio sent Lawyer Lake away, he returned to the living room.

The will had been announced, he had got 99% of Travis’s property, and he could celebrate now.

After all, the will was protected by law, and it was impossible for Camila and the others to change if they refused to accept it.

But Emilio was still vaguely uneasy mainly because of Norah.

If Norah joins other brothers and sisters in a lawsuit against him, then the matter will become more complicated.

Because Norah’s ability was recognized by Elliot and Travis.

Emilio was afraid that Norah would be beaten by her with a bad hand like she was chased and killed before.

Although the will seemed to be settled now, he felt that Norah was capable of overturning it.

At this moment, what Avery said suddenly popped into his mind.

Avery said that if Emilio was in need, she would help him.

Thinking of this, Emilio felt a lot more relieved.

Emilio took pictures of the contents of the will and sent it to Avery, as a way of sharing his joy with Avery.

Although he didn’t return to the Jones family until he was eighteen years old, he has been in the Jones family for ten years now.

Camila just talked about filial piety, and Emilio has also been filial to Travis for ten years!

It was morning in Aryadelle at that time.

Avery was going to eat breakfast and take Lilly to the hospital. After receiving the message on the phone, she clicked it.

After seeing the picture sent by Emilio, she replied: [Congratulations! You finally got what you wanted, good thing.]

Emilio: [Others are probably going to sue me.]

Avery: [Then file a lawsuit with them. The will was made by Travis, not by you. Find a good lawyer and let the lawyer deal with it. Can you stop your dad’s new project?]

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