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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2291 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2291

“Oh… Mom, where did you meet her?” Layla asked curiously.

“I went to G-Temple to pray for blessings today. I saw this Little Lilly in that temple.” Avery said to her daughter, “There were more than 30 girls in that temple! They were all adopted by the temple. Mother next time Would you like to take you to see it?”

Avery wanted her daughter to see the diversity of life.

Let her see how people in different classes live.

“Okay!” Layla agreed without hesitation, “Mom, I’ll go to Lilly and my brother first. I’m afraid my brother will mess up my things.”

“Avery, let’s go to dinner first! I don’t think the children will Hungry.” Elliot took Avery to the dining room.

“I’m not very hungry either. I’m having snacks with Lilly in the afternoon.” Avery accompanies Elliot to the dining room. “I’ll tell Brother Wesley about Lilly’s situation and see if he has any ideas.”

“Tell him if you want to! I can’t help you except to pay for this.” Elliot was very self-aware.

Brook family.

After Wesley received the photo of Lilly sent by Avery, he stared at the picture.

Shea saw that Wesley was fascinated by his mobile phone, so she walked over to him, stared at his mobile phone, and watched with him.

“Wow! It’s so cool!” Shea exclaimed after seeing Lilly’s white hair, “Wesley, this little girl is so cool.”

Wesley pulled Shea and sat beside him: “Shea, this little girl has white hair because she is sick.”

“Ah? Can her disease be cured? She is so beautiful, I really hope she can get better soon.” Shea took Wesley’s mobile phone, Look at the little girl again.

“Her disease can’t be cured. If it can’t be cured, then she can’t bask in the sun. Her eyesight is not as good as normal people.” Wesley explained.

Shea: “It’s so pitiful!”

“Well. She was abandoned by her biological parents outside a temple since she was a child. Fortunately, she was adopted by the masters in the temple, so she grew up smoothly. Avery went to the temple today to pick up this little girl down the mountain, planning to treat her.”

“Her parents are too cruel! Wesley, can we raise her? I like her very much.” Shea suddenly had this idea.

Wesley was stunned for a moment: “This… I have to ask Avery. I think Avery may also want to adopt her.”

Shea: “Avery has so many children, isn’t it tiring for her to take care of one more child? “

“Let me ask Avery! If you really want to adopt this child, Avery will definitely follow you. It’s just that raising a child is not a trivial matter, have you really considered it? And this child is sick, unlike Maria, It’s healthy.”

“I’m sick too, but am I alive and well? With Mrs. Scarlet taking care of me, it’s definitely fine.” Shea said firmly.

“Okay, then I’ll call Avery and ask.” Wesley said, dialing Avery’s number.

Avery answered the phone quickly.

After Wesley told her Shea’s thoughts, Avery hesitated.

“Brother Wesley, I took Lilly down the mountain to help her find better treatment. If you want to adopt her, you must obtain the consent of Lilly himself and the host of G-Temple. I have no right to do this to her. It’s decided.” Avery said here, and continued, “I will take her to the hospital tomorrow, you can bring Shea to see her! Lilly has a good personality, as long as she is sincere to her, she is very sensible and obedient.”

Wesley: “Okay, then We’ll see you at the hospital tomorrow.”

The next day.


Travis’s body was found in a septic tank.

His body was completely decomposed and could not be identified at all.

Travis lived a decent life, and he would never dream of such a miserable death after his death.

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