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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2290 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2290

Elliot held back a smile: “Avery, didn’t you mean to let him improve himself? It’s just a fall, let him get up by himself.”

“Is this the same thing?” Avery’s cheeks flushed.

“There is a blanket on the ground. It’s not easy to break the skin, let alone break a bone.” Elliot’s words prevented Avery from going down the steps.

“You know now that I didn’t mean to spoil him, right?” Elliot justified himself, “Sometimes I understand the truth, but it’s another matter in practice.”

Avery glared at Elliot, and Elliot immediately pulled her to the side.

Elliot: “Let’s stop disturbing my son and Lilly. I think they are having a good time.”

Robert’s attention was no longer on his parents.

He took Lilly by the hand and led her towards his toy area: “Little Lilly, let me show you my toys! I have a lot of toys!”

Robert said, pulling Lilly away.

Elliot: “You see, he doesn’t need us at all. When he finds a girlfriend in the future, you will be able to better understand what it means to be a child.”

Avery: “…”

About half an hour later, Layla came back from school.

As soon as Layla entered the door, she saw that her younger brother and Lilly were very engaged in playing.

Mrs. Cooper came over and wanted to introduce Lilly to Layla.

As a result, Layla spoke first: “Wow! Is that my little sister?!”

Layla quickly passed Mrs. Cooper and walked towards Lilly.

“Are you Haze?!”

Lilly immediately looked at Layla when she heard Layla’s voice.

Robert also saw her elder sister: “Sister! She is not Haze, she is Lilly!”

The smile on Layla’s face froze, but her interest continued: “Lilly? Is Lilly your classmate?

It was the first time Layla saw a kid with white hair in real life.

Adults with gray hair in real life have seen it, but not children.

“Lilly is not my classmate, Lilly is older than me, she was brought back by our parents.” Robert explained to her sister clearly, “Sister, Lilly is wearing your hairpin, don’t blame Lilly, okay? She’s very pitiful…”

Avery was beside Robert, completely unable to speak.

The son’s small mouth was like smeared with honey, and Lilly was well protected.

“Oh… if Lilly likes this hairpin, I will give it to Lilly. I have so many hairpins that I can’t wear it at all.” Layla said, reaching out and touching Lilly’s hair, ” Little Lilly, I still have a lot of hairpins in my room, I’ll give you a few more! Can I take you to pick them?”

Little Lilly was flattered.

“Little Lilly, go and pick with Sister Layla! There are so many beautiful hairpins in her. You must be very beautiful wearing them.” Avery encouraged.

“Little Lilly, I’ll take you there!” Robert took Lilly’s hand and took her to his sister’s room.

Layla was stunned: “Robert likes Little Lilly so much?”

“Yeah! He also gave Little Lilly a piggy bank. Before you came back, he played with Little Lilly.” Mrs. Cooper agreed.

“He thinks that Lilly is special!” Layla said, “Why is Lilly’s hair white? Her eyebrows are also white. She is different from us.”

“Layla, Lilly has albinism. So her hair is all white. This disease cannot be exposed to the sun, and there is no particularly effective way to treat this disease.” Avery explained to her daughter, “I will take to her to the hospital for a check tomorrow. She is staying at our house first.”

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