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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2288 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2288

“Go to the hospital first and check her up. Where does she live? Let’s see later!” Avery glanced at Lilly, “Lilly is very good. And I have a special fate with her. Lilly said that there were people before. I wanted to take her away, but she refused. Today she saw me, and she was not so scared.”

“Well. If I can help her, it would be very meaningful. It’s really not safe for her to stay in that temple…” Elliot looked at her white hair and murmured, “It’s like a little angel.”

Avery: “Elliot, I thought you wouldn’t refuse, but you wouldn’t be too enthusiastic. You surprised me.”

“Am I so indifferent?” Elliot reflected, “Your impression of me is before I have children, right? After I have children, I have always been kind.”

The two bodyguards in the driver’s seat and the passenger seat almost couldn’t help laughing.

Avery stared at Elliot’s ‘handsome and kind’ face, and looked at it again and again: “I really should refresh my stereotype of you. I’ll take you home later. You go home and have a rest. I’ll bring Lilly. Go to the hospital.”

“Aren’t you going to let the child rest for a day?” Elliot felt that there was no need to hurry, “Isn’t there no cure for her illness? And as long as she doesn’t get sick, she can live a normal life.”

Avery hesitated for a moment, decided to adopt Elliot’s suggestion: “Then take a rest today and take her to the hospital tomorrow.”

Elliot: “We will stay at our house tonight. Layla and Robert will definitely like Lilly when they see her.”

“Lilly will like Robert and Layla too.” Avery said this with a smile, and the smile on her face suddenly solidified.

Suddenly, she thought of Haze.

How happy would Layla and Robert be if she brought back Haze!

In the afternoon, Robert came home from school.

The little Robert was carrying a schoolbag and, as usual, followed the bodyguard slowly into the living room.

Before Robert could put on his slippers, he was first attracted by the little girl in the living room.

After Lilly came to the house in the afternoon, Mrs. Cooper liked her very much.

Not only did she find Robert’s new clothes to put on for her, but she also washed her hair.

After washing Lilly’s hair, her hair was draped over her shoulders.

A snow-white hair, elegant and supple, very eye-catching.

Avery took a hair clip from Layla’s room to clip Lilly’s hair, which was even more beautiful.

Robert was stunned when he saw Little girl.

This little girl with white hair looks like a little princess from a cartoon.

who is she? Why is she in her own home?

“Robert, look! Our family has a new friend.” Mrs. Cooper put down Robert’s schoolbag and led Robert to Lilly.

After Robert saw Lilly’s face clearly, she said in a daze, “Lilly, Lilly?”

Mrs. Cooper heard Robert most recently and heard it most genuinely.

After hearing Robert say the word ‘Lilly’, Mrs. Cooper was startled at first, then panicked.

“Robert, this is Lilly and she is older than you, you have to call her sister!”

Robert said with an ‘oh’, “I thought she was my sister!” After saying this, Robert said again. Looking at his parents, he added, “I thought you guys got my sister Haze back!”

Avery gave a knowing blow.

Elliot was in a complicated mood.

Unexpectedly, Robert would think that Lilly is Haze.

“What’s your sister’s name?” Lilly asked Robert.

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